Gone But Not Forgotten Commercials

All the great Retro Commercials you remember from the 60's-90's!
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  1. Dennis Toppenberg

    Dennis ToppenbergTháng trước

    Hi! I knew on your blog that you mentioned on a post of yours about working through tapes of TV shows. Are you gonna upload them eventually? 'Cause I find it very intriguing...

  2. William Edwards

    William EdwardsTháng trước

    Do you have an old Sudafed ad from late 1992 where a woman gets into a car, later in the end, she sees a truck and like panics and swerves?

  3. Vaughn Baskin

    Vaughn Baskin5 tháng trước

    Hey! Can you find and upload some Funtastic World Of Hanna-Barbera promos from 1985 to 1989?

  4. Robert Corbell

    Robert Corbell10 tháng trước

    Hi there. :) You don't mind due to fair use and artistic liberty if I share these for my channel dedicated to forgotten commercials and B-films do you? If it's cool with you, thanks. If not, that's fine, too. Just wondering. Thank you.