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  1. Psy Steinborg

    Psy Steinborg4 tháng trước

    haha love your channel!

  2. Optimize My Airbnb

    Optimize My Airbnb4 tháng trước

    I just started up a relevant channel and have been adding content weekly, stop by when you ahve a moment!

  3. Tyler Hollinger

    Tyler Hollinger8 tháng trước

    This is sooooooo cool

  4. Angel Caban

    Angel Caban11 tháng trước

    Looks great

  5. Basil

    Basil3 năm trước

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  6. Destruction Derbist

    Destruction Derbist3 năm trước

    Can you guys please do "If Google was a Guy 4" ?


    KILLtheRAINBOW GAMING3 năm trước

    Hey I had an idea for a new video. I love the "Stop saying..." videos and i had an idea. You should do "Stop saying you're addicted to things" This video would have people saying they're addicted to Netflix, coffee, video games and so on. I hope this gets to you I just thought it would be an amazing video!

  8. KEVIN The saiyan

    KEVIN The saiyan3 năm trước

    Hey why do u guys suck so much. U used to be funny but now ur just gay

  9. Cody

    Cody3 năm trước


  10. sahana devakumar

    sahana devakumar3 năm trước

    who replies to all the these comments ? ITS A ROBOT. retype this for human verfication XDhENAjc23S

  11. Sam Reich

    Sam Reich3 năm trước

    Testing, testing. Is this thing on?

  12. Peliculas Cristianas y Alabanzas

    Peliculas Cristianas y Alabanzas3 năm trước

    want share our Christian Channel has CC and free movies in English, may be a blessing in someone's life .Tks.

  13. Thai Tran

    Thai Tran3 năm trước

    Why does this channel post about sex all the time ffs?! Also why do actors have romantic scenes with other actors won't it be akward especially after it and of the set

  14. Ashley Reinhardt

    Ashley Reinhardt3 năm trước

    wtf happened to POV and The Six?

  15. Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt

    Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt3 năm trước

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  16. SR3272

    SR32723 năm trước

    Will there be any more "Adam Ruins Everything"?

  17. Cody Price

    Cody Price3 năm trước

    good joke guys. seriously, when is jake and amir doing more episodes?

  18. johntheo95

    johntheo953 năm trước

    You really need to do a video"Your six friends" the only one that misses from the series

  19. Dakota Dingler

    Dakota Dingler3 năm trước

    I do not know if you have already done this but GIANT FOOD MONSTERS ATTACKING A CITY would be a great drawing concept for one of your videos.

  20. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose3 năm trước

    pleaseee pleaseeeee pleaseeeee bring back honey boo boo episodes !!!!!!!

  21. Jones Crimson

    Jones Crimson3 năm trước

    I want more red bearded funny man doing things for famous people at a desk with things changing in the backround. I will subscribe and like on facebook if you do more of that.

  22. Tim Pounds

    Tim Pounds3 năm trước

    you guys suck

  23. petop3

    petop33 năm trước

    I think you're trying to hard...

  24. Godstiger14

    Godstiger143 năm trước

    will there be anymore adam ruins everything? i really need this in my life

  25. Mobile 01

    Mobile 013 năm trước


  26. SerJahPhoto

    SerJahPhoto3 năm trước

    Can i only subscribe to Adam, and skip all the other stuff?

  27. Dominic Ripoli

    Dominic Ripoli3 năm trước

    Where can I get a list of the cast with their the names?

  28. Sandle Mane

    Sandle Mane3 năm trước

    can we please have more of "ADAM ruins everything" or "If Google was a a guy"?

  29. Nicobade

    Nicobade3 năm trước

    does anybody work at collegehumor besides murph, emily, trapp, pat and adam?

  30. Boom Boom

    Boom Boom3 năm trước

    youre wideo is no funny

  31. Elias Wayne

    Elias Wayne3 năm trước

    Make more |Adam Ruins Everything vids.. what the hell are you guys doing?

  32. Zmey Confusenych

    Zmey Confusenych3 năm trước

    CollegeHumor could you please do something about the user "卐stupid white asian nigger卐"

  33. Mohsen Ghorchi

    Mohsen Ghorchi3 năm trước

    whats name of rock music playing in What You Wish Would Happen on Game of Thrones (Part 2) ?

  34. Daniel Donaldson

    Daniel Donaldson3 năm trước

    I wish Adam would ruin more things for us... :(

  35. Sibling Apex

    Sibling Apex3 năm trước

    I want more of Adam Ruining Everything! XD Come on! It's great! Lol

  36. Abhijeet Ambekar

    Abhijeet Ambekar3 năm trước

    this channel really needs good script writers.. !

  37. Roger Swift

    Roger Swift3 năm trước

    Idea: Every hack stand up comedian at a comedy club

  38. Daringspeed Light

    Daringspeed Light3 năm trước

    Dear CollegeHumor I am wondering when will you guys make more ep or parts of Furry Force?. I like them not cause they are sexual just cause once i saw them for the first time i laugh so much and it was funny as hell. Plz make new ones they are really good and funny as hell. From 5H4D0W GH057

  39. Seth Tward

    Seth Tward3 năm trước

    JERK AND AMEESH ENDED! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (kudos to anybody who gets the reference)

  40. Hugo Southcott

    Hugo Southcott3 năm trước

    Let's make a story. There was a boy.

  41. YUN FAN

    YUN FAN3 năm trước

    Could you upload your videos with 'SUBTITLES' ? Love your videos, it is easier for English learner. thanks

  42. Hugo Southcott

    Hugo Southcott3 năm trước

    I like your videos guys.

  43. Hi

    Hi3 năm trước

    CollegeHumor is the best channel

  44. TrapMpG

    TrapMpG3 năm trước

    Hey you guys suck now you bunch of neck bearded hipster jamokes.

  45. James Tarrou

    James Tarrou3 năm trước

    I've been you're guy's fan for a real long time now and I'm happy to see that the new cast of people are still funny and entertaining.

  46. Jon Wilson

    Jon Wilson3 năm trước

    I recently saw this episode of Bring It! with my wife where the dance coach use themselves as the "secret weapon" and danced with their team to give them an advantage. I was thinking it would be hilarious if you guys did it in other situations like basketball and football.

  47. Dick Dickerson

    Dick Dickerson3 năm trước

    "CollegeHumor" is an ironic name for this channel since its focus audience is middle school and early high school.

  48. Rogue Gamers JS

    Rogue Gamers JS3 năm trước

    You guys do awesome work, super hilarious on your stuff. Keep it up!

  49. NASHY 18

    NASHY 183 năm trước

    getting bored unsubed

  50. LEL PUMP

    LEL PUMP3 năm trước

    RIP- CollegeHumor. Miss ur old vids.