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I am a goanimator from sweden. I make fun and entertaining videos. even though i'm under 13 my parents gave me permission to do this
Birth date/Year/Month: October 6 2006 (12 years old)
Favorite food: Cheese pizza.
Favorite resturant: McDonalds
Favorite pet: Cat
Favorite show: Deadly women (2005)
Most hated show: Little bill
Most hated user: Jeff 171
Rules: (If you break them you will be warned or blocked)
1: Please be patient with your requests. I can put you in the video if you want but just be patient.
2: No comments insulting me allowed.
3: No Opinion Disrespecting
4: No UTTP Or THDTC Users allowed (Except for nice UTTP/THDTC Users that doesn't bully anyone)
5: No immature IGUA Members allowed (Mature IGUA Members are allowed.
6: Dont be rude to anyone (Except those who deserves it
7: No spamming
8: You are only allowed to talk english and swedish on this channel.
9: No Bullying allowed (Except for those who deserves it)
10: No threats allowed (Except for those who deserves it)


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    male it

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    Request: I Turn Into A Giant And Ground Samster5677 Boris In Deep Pitch Of Joey Voice And Get Ungrounded