The Historic Disappearance of Louis Le Prince

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The Historic Disappearance of Louis Le Prince

This French inventor stepped onto a train... and disappeared from history
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  1. William C. Sierra

    William C. SierraGiờ trước

    Edison the Traitor. He should be remembered in history from here on out as this title.

  2. Cesarin Pillin

    Cesarin Pillin2 giờ trước

    I'm baffled why Buzzfeed didn't take into consideration how Edison had stolen and fought many other inventors and claimed inventions of others as his. His petty fight against Tesla is a fine example.

  3. Machin

    Machin8 giờ trước

    Ouééé les français RPZ si si la mifaaaa, on est les meilleurs les mecs, c'est grâce à nous qui z'ont tous leurs films à Hollywood, oué les gars, c'est nous qu'on est les meilleurs d'abord! (lmao to my fellow french buzzfeed unsolved fans... i'm sorry for this but i couldn't help it #ChauvinismePrimaire)

  4. KelsBells06

    KelsBells068 giờ trước

    Thomas Edison: The Biggest Theif & Fraud in History

  5. Teutonic Tom

    Teutonic Tom10 giờ trước

    I think the real mystery is the disappearance of Switzerland from the map

  6. Natasha Fetko

    Natasha Fetko12 giờ trước

    I already hated Edison but this only strengthens my disgust to new abhorrent levels.

  7. Lizzy Brue

    Lizzy Brue13 giờ trước

    These guys are hilarious!!!!!

  8. Smol GayGirl

    Smol GayGirl13 giờ trước

    This is reminds me of the Poptropica island where you go on a train and help Thomas Edison find his motion picture machine that was stolen from a french girl. Like this kinda seems like the island was based poorly on this

  9. Beverly Archer

    Beverly Archer13 giờ trước

    There's a police photo that said it look like the victim looked like Louis was a drowned victim

  10. moira mcc.

    moira mcc.14 giờ trước

    this sounds like a good movie plot tbh irony??

  11. Taimoor Habib

    Taimoor Habib14 giờ trước

    Now thanks to this video, more than 2 million people, and possibly many more will know of this great man.

  12. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear14 giờ trước

    What should movies be called?

  13. toastrr

    toastrr15 giờ trước

    Well, my whole view on Thomas Edison has changed.

  14. Lindsay Rafferty

    Lindsay Rafferty16 giờ trước

    I have a suggestion for a video! How about one on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

  15. Ella Lowson

    Ella Lowson16 giờ trước

    we need a jonbenet part 2!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Neo M

    Neo M18 giờ trước

    Thomas edison was an invention stealing POS. He didn't invent the light bulb - Tesla did.

  17. Kaitlyn Marcianelli

    Kaitlyn Marcianelli19 giờ trước

    Do a video of the murder of nickola tesla

  18. Tamara Roman

    Tamara Roman20 giờ trước

    Louis Le Prince is amazing and should have been the legal inventor of "motion pictures"!!!! #LouisLePrincedeservedbetter

  19. Elizabeth Spicer

    Elizabeth Spicer20 giờ trước

    My favorite film fact is the reason why Hollywood is in California and not New York, which was the center of the film industry for many years. Edison was hunting down people making motion pictures and charging for use of his technology, so filmmakers naturally got fed up and asked for sanctuary elsewhere. California provided space and the protection necessary. So that's why films are on the west coast, not the east coast.

  20. Fandom Trash

    Fandom Trash21 giờ trước

    Thomas Edison was the worstv

  21. Akemi IchiHaru

    Akemi IchiHaru21 giờ trước

    Urgh taking people's ideas

  22. AntoVanTastic

    AntoVanTastic23 giờ trước

    I might be wrong, but I remeber reading once that Edison did not even invent the light bulb, but stole the idea from an inventor who publicied his work at the same time. However, Edison is still quoted to be the inventor of it.

  23. Red Panda

    Red PandaNgày trước

    0:22 *dies slowly inside*

  24. Coleen Salig

    Coleen SaligNgày trước

    didn't edison also stole tesla's idea? something about not compensating him.

  25. Mythical Adrian

    Mythical AdrianNgày trước

    Coco was based off this

  26. T Nicholas

    T NicholasNgày trước

    Edison was a thief and a hack, he copied so many other inventors and took credit

  27. MrGandhi

    MrGandhiNgày trước

    I freaking HATE Thomas Edison

  28. Sasha Silva

    Sasha SilvaNgày trước

    this makes me hella sad for Louis.. he seemed like a genial man and adoring family man, jealousy sucks man

  29. 80's Lady

    80's LadyNgày trước

    *I had to watch this episode after my kids debated a teacher into a frenzy. They wouldn't back down, so teacher and I watched this, and needless to say, they received an 100% + 50 bonus points that gets them out of their pick of a project. Well done on this episode. Kids, if you see this, well done for presenting your case and sticking to the truth.* 💙💜

  30. ya boi kyla

    ya boi kylaNgày trước

    damn thomas edison was a snake

  31. Kevin Gundtoft

    Kevin GundtoftNgày trước

    'Sup with Switzerland XD 8:25

  32. Jeremie Lauzier

    Jeremie LauzierNgày trước

    What if Louis le prince sold his plans to Edison and then decided to disapear because he wouldnt want his family to know what he had done.

  33. Remington

    RemingtonNgày trước

    If you know anything about Edison it's that he robbed and backstabbed Tesla. I don't think he'd have a problem with stopping Le Prince either.

  34. Stacey Alicia

    Stacey AliciaNgày trước

    train had another meaning to me so , the beginning caught me off GAURD

  35. InkAirArt

    InkAirArtNgày trước

    I had never heard of him. I'm really glad you brought him back and him relevant to history in some way. It sounds like he deserves to be remembered.

  36. Karinna Jarosz

    Karinna JaroszNgày trước

    I used to think that Edison was amazing before this and now I hate him.....not regrets. LOUIS LE PRINCE IS THE GENIUS BEHIND MOVIES

  37. Alexandre Charron

    Alexandre CharronNgày trước

    Edison what... no Lumière brothers!

  38. grapes

    grapesNgày trước

    Damn. I've lost all respect for Thomas Fraudison.

  39. SolidSneakNinja

    SolidSneakNinjaNgày trước

    So Edison was the Steve Jobs of the 1800s....absolute prick of a con man that tricks everyone into thinking he’s a genius because he stole his ideas from the roommate etc. Not gonna lie, the fact that Edison is American makes it easier for me to think Edison did it. 1 in 25 Americans are sociopaths after all. Look it up, incredibly high percentage for a “civilised” country.

  40. Sarah Williams

    Sarah WilliamsNgày trước

    Hold up- Is Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart referencing Louis Le Prince with the film french man the boy met on the train?? SO many metaphors and symbols in that movie. I love it so much

  41. Sarah Williams

    Sarah WilliamsNgày trước

    The more I watch it, the more i'm certain of it :)

  42. Khalil Kendle

    Khalil KendleNgày trước

    I think someone of thomas edisan killed him so he could take the credit and relase the moving picture

  43. ray

    rayNgày trước

    how to get a kiss from Shane: create something entirely new. dully noted.

  44. gatorred789

    gatorred789Ngày trước

    Shane has gone soft.

  45. Kaitlyn Haiber

    Kaitlyn HaiberNgày trước

    You guys should unsolve the golden lamb in Lebanon Ohio. There is a room with a girl that haunts the place.

  46. Goku Black

    Goku BlackNgày trước

    This reminds me of Poptropica. Sorry

  47. Bad_ Man

    Bad_ ManNgày trước

    Mk ultra

  48. Bad_ Man

    Bad_ ManNgày trước

    Do Mk ultra

  49. Nashyra Malaczewski

    Nashyra MalaczewskiNgày trước

    can you guys do the disappearance of theodosia burr please

  50. dodona

    dodonaNgày trước

    i don’t think there’s anything shady about that though? she just was lost at sea.

  51. Elaine Ojeda

    Elaine OjedaNgày trước

    What about looking int the unsolved murder of Bob Crane

  52. Megan Reid

    Megan ReidNgày trước


  53. Alban Audibert

    Alban AudibertNgày trước

    buzzfeed unsolved spend a night in the conjuring house in england drop a like if u want this to happen

  54. CRS Productions

    CRS ProductionsNgày trước

    Do some people too 10 FBI most wanted

  55. LashingOut!

    LashingOut!Ngày trước

    Do the unsolved mystery of the wvu headless coeds!

  56. rafique pathan

    rafique pathanNgày trước

    Please do episode on escape from Alcatraz

  57. M. Hamad

    M. HamadNgày trước

    Louis le Prince father of the Instagram Boomerang😂

  58. Louie waterfield media

    Louie waterfield mediaNgày trước

    leeds yes yes

  59. Josip Jerković

    Josip JerkovićNgày trước

    Where did my virginity go UNSOLVED

  60. Reason

    ReasonNgày trước

    Disappointing video. Louis Le Prince's brother was the last to see him alive; he's a bigger suspect than this video portrays. Louis's purported financial straits were also fictional.

  61. Fotia Matura

    Fotia Matura2 ngày trước

    Wasn't the kid's movie "HUGO" based on this idea? I remember this premise from there, or something extremely similar...

  62. Kania Lars

    Kania Lars2 ngày trước

    huh Edison.. wonder what else he falsely took credit from aside from this guy and Tesla..

  63. Satyesh Jha

    Satyesh Jha2 ngày trước

    Do Persian Princess Next:

  64. Satyesh Jha

    Satyesh Jha4 giờ trước

    Yep, definite points for ingenuity!

  65. Radical Socialist Democracy

    Radical Socialist Democracy4 giờ trước

    Satyesh Jha oohhh that’s a good one

  66. Shelley Rose

    Shelley Rose2 ngày trước

    Edison stole the patent for the telephone too, look it up !

  67. TheInklet

    TheInklet2 ngày trước

    This needs to become a movie so more people know his name.. Edit: (Bc let's be honest no one cares about history unless it's presented in entertainment)

  68. Vince Claes

    Vince Claes2 ngày trước

    Discipline upset rent far coastal embrace seven long soup musical criteria violate marriage.

  69. InfamousBelphegor

    InfamousBelphegor2 ngày trước

    Thomas F U C K I N G Fraudson

  70. Dead Meme

    Dead Meme2 ngày trước

    is anyone else remembering that one poptropica game??? no?? kay

  71. PB G14

    PB G142 ngày trước

    if you guys do another paranormal series or episide you should deffinitely check out "Port Arthur" just outside Hobart in Tasmania. Port Arthur is a prison colony with a rich and violent history and there have been numerous ghost siting in the grounds of the complex as well as alot of unexplained phenomenon even in broad daylight. Im a big sceptic but this place was more than a little strange. This was also the sight of the 1996 Massacre the catalyst event for the australian gun laws reform. May be a bit delicate adressing this however. Anyway just a suggestion as id love to see your opinions on the place.

  72. Sidney

    Sidney2 ngày trước

    In Australia we call chewing gum 'chewies' 😛

  73. Chantelle LaPointe

    Chantelle LaPointe2 ngày trước

    My Theory: In saying that Louis Le Prince was in debt, what if his plan was selfish. Maybe Louis went onto the train to journey to find an inventor wealthy enough (Thomas Edison) to buy his idea from him then went on to live a wealthy life in the shadows releasing him from his debt???

  74. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe2 ngày trước

    Just started watching the Unsolved and it’s really cool! I don’t know if you’ve done this already but Princess Diana would be an interesting one.

  75. Alexandra Neuzil

    Alexandra Neuzil2 ngày trước

    When y’all do supernatural again PLEASE LA LLORONA

  76. Charlotte Lena

    Charlotte Lena2 ngày trước


  77. becca wilson

    becca wilson2 ngày trước

    edison was a liar and a thief.

  78. Heather Johnson

    Heather Johnson2 ngày trước

    Do an episode on MKUltra, please! Or Adam Walsh.

  79. shinTala moNsoon

    shinTala moNsoon2 ngày trước

    woahahhaha weird lamo I'm shoo mayb

  80. Audrey Krivan

    Audrey Krivan2 ngày trước

    PLEASE do a video on ‘La Chupacabra’ it’s my favorite legend and you guys would maybe get to go to puerto rico ???

  81. ssi1991

    ssi19912 ngày trước

    Solve this: how the hell did switzerland become a giant sea in your map of europe?!

  82. mckenna williams

    mckenna williams2 ngày trước

    wasnt this on poptropica or something

  83. Destiny Denise

    Destiny Denise2 ngày trước

    He was born on my birthday

  84. violetchevre

    violetchevre2 ngày trước

    well this sounds familiar having watched films like steve jobs and the social network. there has to be some hollywood dramatization of this already in the works. i can imagine it now - eisenberg as edison and garfield as louis le prince lol

  85. Emely Ortiz

    Emely Ortiz2 ngày trước

    Imma ask my social studies teacher, who’s Louis Le Prince and see his reaction 😂🤨.

  86. Grumpytabby

    Grumpytabby2 ngày trước

    Would you consider discussing that Alice killings?

  87. Tierney O'Hearn

    Tierney O'Hearn2 ngày trước

    Damn. Did Edison actually "invent" anything that he claims he did?

  88. Skylar Elizabeth

    Skylar Elizabeth2 ngày trước

    its truly sad story and i found it very interesting to know the TRUE history of the founder of "moving picture"

  89. Prithvi Kewalramani

    Prithvi Kewalramani2 ngày trước

    10:58 that duh killed me😂😂😂

  90. Danielle Narcisse

    Danielle Narcisse2 ngày trước

    Between this and Tesla I’m starting not to like Edison much...

  91. khaleesi of dogs

    khaleesi of dogs2 ngày trước

    More alien mysteries! 👽👽👽

  92. Christina Stern

    Christina Stern2 ngày trước

    Lmao just another thing that Edison "created"

  93. sagradongkape

    sagradongkape2 ngày trước

    Thomas Edison destroyed Nikola Tesla as well.

  94. BlondeHobbit88

    BlondeHobbit882 ngày trước

    Aw Louis and I have the same birthday

  95. Flo Donaldson

    Flo Donaldson2 ngày trước


  96. Kristina

    Kristina2 ngày trước

    edison strikes again

  97. Frick Not

    Frick Not2 ngày trước

    It makes me SO MAD that people don’t know this man. I just googled the inventor of the motion picture camera and everything that came up was Thomas Edison. It’s honestly heartbreaking that this man spent years working on it just to have someone else get the credit for inventing it.

  98. Brandon Tang

    Brandon Tang2 ngày trước

    I don’t like this series...... I love it!

  99. Sauce Soy

    Sauce Soy3 ngày trước


  100. Tracy Dee

    Tracy Dee3 ngày trước

    the 'murikins try to take credit where now are due. The movie ARGO and the former President Mr. Jimmy Carter are a fine example of the characteristics of 'murikin thinking and American thinking. One tells fibs the other sets the facts straight. For too long those 'murikins have been lying. Far too long. There's money in Lies.

  101. Tracy Dee

    Tracy Dee3 ngày trước


  102. Rachael

    Rachael3 ngày trước

    listening to Americans say French names makes me cringe, I'm not French but seriously Adolph-e? it's is pronounced like Adolf

  103. Samreen Mehak

    Samreen Mehak3 ngày trước

    so nicola tesla isn't the only person edison did dirty...

  104. Mary Light

    Mary Light3 ngày trước

    Edison was a sick SOB >:-( I don't trust that fker..

  105. Noble PenandInk

    Noble PenandInk3 ngày trước

    Yes Ryan! YES! How dare Edison stand on the shoulders of giants and proclaim to be the tallest man? This case had two crimes damnit. Favorite episode to date.