Saints' loss to Rams is 'on the league office' - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Damien Woody say the missed pass interference call that gave the Los Angeles Rams the NFC Championship over the New Orleans Saints is a product of bad replay rules by the NFL. Max Kellerman says it is "the most eggregious missed call in the history of football."
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  1. Charels Ellis

    Charels Ellis10 giờ trước

    Make the call 😭😨😤😰😬😦😵😢 Make the call.....Ok....You lose !!! 👺. go Falcons !!!

  2. James V.

    James V.10 giờ trước


  3. MaximilianMus Infantry

    MaximilianMus Infantry10 giờ trước

    Oh yeah yeah

  4. Trevor Hockman

    Trevor Hockman10 giờ trước

    This has got to be the biggest ref mistake ever in the NFL. The chief ref even admitted that they blew the call. The NFL needs to do something about this.

  5. Ryan Luke

    Ryan Luke10 giờ trước

    Oh yeah yeah

  6. Erick Dominguez

    Erick Dominguez10 giờ trước

    Fat ass Woody thinks he played in that game RAMS baby fuck the saints

  7. ToughGuineaPig

    ToughGuineaPig10 giờ trước

    I'm happy the Rams won

  8. Loyal Ram

    Loyal Ram10 giờ trước

    The Rams beat their ass in New Orlean. Rams spotted them 13 points in a most hostile environment, and they still couldn’t shut the Rams down. WHINERS

  9. ToastSwift

    ToastSwift10 giờ trước

    Why does Stephen A.’s ear lobes look weird

  10. Subscribe to Rize central

    Subscribe to Rize central10 giờ trước

    OH Yeah Yeah Football is rigged

  11. maximilien robespierre

    maximilien robespierre10 giờ trước

    That had to be the most egregious miss call in the game


    MANNYS TOY ROOM10 giờ trước

    Saints should have played harder. Could have, would have, should have but didn’t. Rams came up on one call and Prospered.

  13. ComebackShane

    ComebackShane10 giờ trước

    If it was a NE player....they could tap him on the butt and "Pass interference" but dude got freaking tackled and no call....LMAO....seriously some funny shit we must admit....

  14. Kylo Ren7703

    Kylo Ren770310 giờ trước

    Oh yeah yeah

  15. Giggle Puffs

    Giggle Puffs10 giờ trước

    oh yeah yeah

  16. rob feld

    rob feld10 giờ trước

    Steven A is full of crap and someone else's opinion, cuz u know he would be screeming conspiracy in his OWN opinion. Does anybody believe he'd calmly say it's on replay, NFL, and not on ref intentionally not making an obvious call to help the other team?

  17. Percy Angerlo

    Percy Angerlo10 giờ trước

    they got robbed

  18. Justin T.

    Justin T.10 giờ trước

    Oh yeah yeah.

  19. Chase Martinson

    Chase Martinson10 giờ trước

    I'm gonna say what people said to my Bears: "If they played better, they wouldn't have been in that situation"

  20. Edwin Salas

    Edwin Salas10 giờ trước

    Bullshit ass game and calls. NFL damn rigged clearly

  21. Junior Martinez

    Junior Martinez10 giờ trước

    oh yea yea

  22. Gern Blanstan

    Gern Blanstan10 giờ trước

    How about the Saints don't need to kick 3 field goals on their first 3 scores and we aren't talking about this. A number of calls didn't go for both teams, get over it, it happens in every game. If NO played better they'd have won. See you next year Saints. This is the biggest pos franchise in sports. Whining cheap shot players and whining big mouth fans. Steven A (A is for asshole) and his reach around ego maniac side kick Max the know it all king of hyperbole Kellerman need to get over it too.

  23. William Harkness

    William Harkness10 giờ trước

    go back to no replay at all. we enjoyed football just fine without it, or have a booth with 50 people and 50 monitors and replay to make sure there was no penalty on every play. This half way shit is stupid.

  24. Don Wilson

    Don Wilson10 giờ trước

    So here we go now they're on here crying about that one call but like the other guy said what about the face mask all it was okay I guess the Overlook that called it could have made a big part of the game but cry about the other one that wasn't called and the bottom line is you don't lose a game over really over one call because the same time opportunity to win this game when they went into overtime and they blew it they had the lead throughout the whole game and they blew it

  25. Statuary

    Statuary10 giờ trước

    Oh yeah yeah

  26. stop just stop stop it

    stop just stop stop it10 giờ trước

    Refs miss call that would’ve sealed the game for the Saints... Rams win. Refs call a roughing the passer against Chiefs for tapping Brady on the shoulder on a crucial drive... Pats win. You have to be kidding me right? Y’all know what happened here. The NFL is scripted y’all. It’s a rematch between Brady and and the Greatest Show on Turf and they scripted it to be that way.

  27. Delontee Spencer

    Delontee Spencer10 giờ trước

    This comment section and all further nfl comment sections have been lost to a meme Congratulations

  28. rob2172

    rob217210 giờ trước

    You guys don't know what robbed is , what about the tuck rule????? Wtf

  29. C Williams

    C Williams10 giờ trước

    As a lifelong, diehard Saints fan that has endured many years of pitiful losing seasons and to have this game taken from us is criminal. If the Rams outplayed us or outcoached us I can accept that, but i will NEVER accept this. The NFL shoul;d be ashamed of themselves if these refs EVER officiate another NFL game. That non-call actually changed history.

  30. SupremeViking 909

    SupremeViking 90910 giờ trước

    Oh yeah yeah


    AMZYØVØXØ MØB10 giờ trước

    these always nxt year fuckkers! hah ..

  32. Lebron james

    Lebron james10 giờ trước

    O yeah yeah

  33. Zachary Goslin

    Zachary Goslin10 giờ trước

    What goes around comes around. Pats will win the Super Bowl; willing to bet a lot of money.


    AMZYØVØXØ MØB10 giờ trước

    fuck the saints! hah .. #LA #WESTSIDE

  35. ching chong

    ching chong10 giờ trước

    Oh yeah yeah

  36. gregory smith

    gregory smith10 giờ trước


  37. Madeline Ferrar

    Madeline Ferrar10 giờ trước

    Ok. I’m a hardcore saints fan. And personally. We got ROBBED. SUPER BOWL?!?! MORE LIKE STUPID BOWL😡😡

  38. Scott Sinderson

    Scott Sinderson10 giờ trước

    This Rams fan will be partying his ass off for two weeks till the Superbowl!! If Rams lose to the best quarterback to ever play the game. Super shitty. But if the Rams take back the dynasty that was stolen from them in 2001 by the Patriots, well then the party goes on baby!! For all my Rams family here and passed on!! Go Rams!!

  39. Ricardo Montes

    Ricardo Montes10 giờ trước

    Fuck Brady, I hope they break his leg.

  40. Jennifer ROBESON

    Jennifer ROBESON10 giờ trước

    The word for today is KARMA!Sucks to be a Saints fan.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  41. Merchant Ivory

    Merchant Ivory10 giờ trước

    Its funny your all mad, NFL has been rigging games for years. NFL refs have admitted dozens of times every decade.

  42. Courtland Robinson

    Courtland Robinson10 giờ trước

    I'm really losing interest in the NFL after the games played last night "rigged sports at it's finest"

  43. God Speed

    God Speed10 giờ trước

    There were bullshit calls on the Patriots Chiefs game also

  44. MA Baba

    MA Baba10 giờ trước

    It's over guys, just move on. They had OT to win it and they couldn't.

  45. Jeff Seiz

    Jeff Seiz10 giờ trước

    Get over it!!! These referees are imperfect human beings that make mistakes like we all do!! Every team in the league gets bad calls that go their way in their favor and in the case of the saints that don't go their way!!! It's part of the game and it will always be that way!! You can moan and fuss about until you're blue in the face, but it won't make any difference!! Get over it!!!

  46. Truth Puppet

    Truth Puppet10 giờ trước

    We here at Truth Puppet kneel in opposition to the NFL.

  47. gregory smith

    gregory smith10 giờ trước

    It was a good no call. LMAO

  48. John doe

    John doe10 giờ trước

    NFL is rigged, and controlled by white collar criminals. If you have money, you literally can control anything.

  49. Vule

    Vule10 giờ trước

    Los Angeles is a bigger market than New Orleans, bigger market = more money for the NFL. The NFL is just as rigged as the NBA is, maybe even more so.

  50. Luke Stacey

    Luke Stacey10 giờ trước

    I’m no fan of the saints but they got cheated