Oklahoma City Thunder vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights / Game 3 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

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🏀Oklahoma City Thunder vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights / Game 3
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  1. Mammagoatsheepen

    Mammagoatsheepen22 ngày trước

    Rubio had a good game for once

  2. Angie

    Angie23 ngày trước

    For real people

  3. Mitt Obama

    Mitt Obama25 ngày trước

    Ricky Rubio is The 3Pt Assasin.

  4. MishuTaste

    MishuTaste27 ngày trước

    When I see Rubio standing next to Adams, I get confused.

  5. Bruce Sandford

    Bruce Sandford28 ngày trước

    jazz blew the 3-1 lead, i am from the future. 69 420 69 420

  6. TheKazmosis

    TheKazmosis28 ngày trước

    At this point Steven Adams is the best OKC player

  7. Jay B

    Jay B28 ngày trước

    1:53... This is why OKC will lose out. Westbrook one-on-one, everyone else just standing around.

  8. Isaac Vazquez

    Isaac Vazquez29 ngày trước

    Rubio looks like cesc fabregas

  9. Wesley Tian

    Wesley Tian29 ngày trước

    So where those OKC fans at? HAHAHAHA

  10. jfrd072891

    jfrd07289129 ngày trước

    Rubio thanks the Minnesota Timberwolves for trading him. Now, Rubio's going to the 2nd round as the Timberwolves make a 1st round exit.

  11. superken14

    superken1429 ngày trước

    The fact the this “Big 3” is losing to a pass first PG, Rookie, a center is just sad...

  12. YoungOG TheLegend

    YoungOG TheLegend29 ngày trước

    Wish I would’ve seen this live

  13. BunniesForSale

    BunniesForSale29 ngày trước

    The refs let this game get out of hand when they started calling too many fouls in the first half. You can see the momentum shift at that exact point. Players had begun getting frustrated and the Thunder's momentum was killed. Floppy Rubio must've thought he was playing soccer, because the moment anyone looked in his direction, he went Robocop opening death scene flop, and the refs fell for it. Even Shaq acknowledged it during the TNT half time show. None of that matters though, because in the end the better team won.

  14. faaiq farooq

    faaiq farooq29 ngày trước

    Mitchell is a beast in defence.

  15. HiTechKing

    HiTechKing29 ngày trước

    Why are his teammates in the end ignoring him..he looks lost

  16. Alvin Bong Hui Min

    Alvin Bong Hui Min29 ngày trước

    I somehow thought I was watching March Madness lol

  17. mustafa majeed

    mustafa majeed29 ngày trước

    That is trash

  18. SkyHound

    SkyHound29 ngày trước

    I see the same white guy on different teams at the same time... Wtf is happening?

  19. Jason Ring

    Jason Ring29 ngày trước

    SkyHound so race matters?

  20. Christopher Trent

    Christopher Trent29 ngày trước

    Paul George deserves a better team

  21. LeBron James

    LeBron James29 ngày trước

    Man okc needs to trade Westbrook to a better team dude

  22. Mr. 1'NDone

    Mr. 1'NDone29 ngày trước

    Dude Rubio is hella RAW nowadays but Donovan Mitchell is a legit STAR in just his ROOKIE YEAR! NOBODY was talking about him b4 this season. It was all Lonzo and Fultz

  23. Ben Crandel

    Ben Crandel29 ngày trước

    Then Jazz beat the OKC Dunders for a third time!

  24. olg06

    olg0629 ngày trước

    WOW 2 million views already! nice

  25. bart simpson loves donald trump

    bart simpson loves donald trump29 ngày trước

    Stat conscious Westchoke hate it more not getting a 3ple double than losing big games.

  26. bart simpson loves donald trump

    bart simpson loves donald trump29 ngày trước

    Overrated Westchoke exposed.

  27. kimo dakila

    kimo dakilaTháng trước

    Westbrook is getting done up in this series

  28. Arjen Zerko

    Arjen ZerkoTháng trước

    Like if your ass smells.

  29. ismael d

    ismael dTháng trước


  30. Nick Aufdemorte

    Nick AufdemorteTháng trước

    Cool to see southern Utah represented by the Jazz. We used to have the mountains of the North, now the arch of the south. Damn you Jazz, I move away and this happens. Now beating the transfer team of where I am at. I would love to see the Jazz take it all the way, Utah never gets any respect no matter what sport they play, or accomplishments that come out of the state.

  31. Wise Smeegal

    Wise SmeegalTháng trước

    Ricky Rubio telling Westbrook after the game, “thanks for giving me that triple double. Couldn’t have gotten it without all them bricks you were throwing tonight.” 😂😂

  32. Isreal Lyrics

    Isreal LyricsTháng trước

    westbrook should just show and let the game tell.

  33. SpeedHomeAttack

    SpeedHomeAttackTháng trước

    What’s the excuse now for Westbrook?

  34. Junelle Tubania

    Junelle TubaniaTháng trước

    Damn I wish Hayward never left. I was really hoping that he grew up as the main man in Utah. Even more with the lineup that they got right now.

  35. Ja'Quise Causby

    Ja'Quise CausbyTháng trước

    Still can’t believe the Seahawks didn’t run the ball...

  36. Gunnar FNG

    Gunnar FNGTháng trước

    Seeing all the jazz fans on here is kind of funny. But we’ll be laughing when we win the next 3 on y’all 😆

  37. D Me

    D MeTháng trước

    That's the whitest crowd I've seen since Nazi rallies in 1941. The only color are the players.

  38. D Me

    D Me29 ngày trước

    Jason Ring And, smartass, the word as you want to use it is 'you're', not 'your'. Again, you're embarrassing yourself.

  39. D Me

    D Me29 ngày trước

    Jason Ring Do you have a man-crush on me? Stop embarrassing yourself nationally. My family is multi-cultural - we don't hate anyone - hate is an ignorant emotion. I don't even hate The Idiot Trump - he's just a dumb, disgusting asshole. I can't help that. I made a fuckin' observation. Let it go, & move on b'cuz I have nothing for you. Peace!

  40. Jason Ring

    Jason Ring29 ngày trước

    D Me I take it that your a moron who can't backup their comment.

  41. D Me

    D Me29 ngày trước

    Jason Ring Take it as you will. I REALLY don't care!

  42. Jason Ring

    Jason Ring29 ngày trước

    D Me I look at you with the name calling. I guess you won't be explaining it to yourself then since you are clearly the moron.

  43. Rad Macapagal

    Rad MacapagalTháng trước

    Mr. Stat Padder and the rest of Chokelahoma lost.

  44. Aiden Kirkpatrick

    Aiden KirkpatrickTháng trước

    I was surprised af that Rubio got that triple double,I thought that was Westbrooks job

  45. Benjamln Lewis

    Benjamln LewisTháng trước

    Carmel SHOW those.boys ware u from tightened up to DAMN game

  46. Field Keeling

    Field KeelingTháng trước

    Russ was so salty after this...white boy stealing his egomaniacal stat filling! Something seemed racist as hell about his statements afterward too

  47. Diane Schmidt

    Diane SchmidtTháng trước

    Is anyone else madly in love with Rubio?

  48. Lil Dante

    Lil DanteTháng trước

    the crowd won that game

  49. Wooden Mctrash

    Wooden MctrashTháng trước

    4:30 jazz fans as hyped as if that won the game

  50. Aaro Salminen

    Aaro SalminenTháng trước

    Loyalty myself trend powerful hospital merchant confront memory plot.

  51. Madison Clay

    Madison ClayTháng trước

    d. mitchell one of the nastiest MF in the NBA right now

  52. Thegamer Legend

    Thegamer LegendTháng trước

    UTAH has the best jerseys in the nba

  53. Kevin Schart

    Kevin SchartTháng trước

    Mitchell did the fucking shamgod in na NBA playoff game....that boy good

  54. graffProdigy

    graffProdigyTháng trước

    Westbrook trying to be Mr. Triple Double while Rubio is just trying to Win. That's why the Jazz are a good team and the Thunder are a struggle team. Imagine if u replaced them and the Jazz had Westbrook?

  55. graffProdigy

    graffProdigyTháng trước

    Westbrick a hater! Hating on Rubio cuz he's playing good ball and taking the W!

  56. Jayson Morgan

    Jayson MorganTháng trước