Film Theory: We Found Neverland! (Disney Peter Pan)

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What would you say if I told you that Neverland was a REAL PLACE? A place you can pinpoint on a map? That is EXACTLY what I did. Get ready to pack your bags for your next vacation, Loyal Theorists! We are going to NEVERLAND!!!
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  1. Averys Noodles

    Averys Noodles24 phút trước

    First time I actually paid attention to Geography. My teacher would be proud.

  2. Na0m1 Playz Fortnite

    Na0m1 Playz FortniteGiờ trước

    Guess now it’s “Toys were us kill me

  3. myah rowland

    myah rowland14 giờ trước

    R.I.P Toys R Us You were our childhoods.

  4. Little Yani

    Little Yani20 giờ trước

    Mat pat! Look in the movie Princess and the Frog! Pay attention when Ray dies. There are two stars. Evangeline is the star to the right. Ray is the star to the left. “The second star to the right!” This means Princess and the Frog and Peter Pan are connected! Princess and the Frog happened first because if Peter Pan happened first the first star wouldn’t be there. That’s my theory! Hope you see this. Ps I’m watching the movie now lol (I watched it before but never observed it this much or at lot until now)

  5. Tiger Blossom

    Tiger BlossomNgày trước

    He has film theory and game theory, but he should make a boom theory channel (It should be colored blue btw) Like if you agree

  6. ninjagirl325

    ninjagirl325Ngày trước

    You ruined never land WHY!!!?!?!?!?

  7. ninjagirl325

    ninjagirl325Ngày trước


  8. Don’t Forget to drink bleach kids

    Don’t Forget to drink bleach kids2 ngày trước

    Toysrus is closing down but Smith’s is taking over Europe

  9. Tala.M San

    Tala.M San2 ngày trước

    In Saudi Arabia I don’t think they closed toys are us

  10. ELizabeth Akey

    ELizabeth Akey3 ngày trước

    i feel so bad for him with the animals. its how i feel about my math

  11. MrRandomRedFred99xx

    MrRandomRedFred99xx4 ngày trước

    1:26 kaptein sabeltann/captain sabertooth? :D Norways best pirate !!! Where did u find him thougth that only norwegians knew about him?

  12. Ava Buschur

    Ava Buschur4 ngày trước

    oh ya isn’t peter pan like taking the kids to heaven and that’s why they never grow up or something ??

  13. Anime Potato123

    Anime Potato1234 ngày trước

    1:10 is when I couldnt stop laughing!

  14. Louisiana Junco

    Louisiana Junco4 ngày trước

    The authors brother died at 12 and so he made a story called neverland I’m guessing peter is his brother and the kids who died too went with him to never land that’s a theory 🙂

  15. Learn OK Please

    Learn OK Please5 ngày trước

    That would mean that the depictions of Neverland’s natives are wrong, since the natives should not be like those of North America and should rather resemble the Tainos.

  16. Jennifer Yeager

    Jennifer Yeager5 ngày trước

    Do Percy laid to use cus he did

  17. Meissel Herrera

    Meissel Herrera5 ngày trước

    I actually knew that about the big Ben!!!😄🤗

  18. AEC Media

    AEC Media6 ngày trước

    Anyone know what the royalty free music is?


    PEWDIE FUCK FISTERS6 ngày trước

    Black beard is the one in one piece

  20. The Slug Nation

    The Slug Nation6 ngày trước

    HEY {b emoji} ETER

  21. Luna Videos

    Luna Videos6 ngày trước

    Neverland is heaven because in heaven you don't get older and they can fly so it is just a bunch of dead kids

  22. Giselle Talavera

    Giselle Talavera7 ngày trước

    1:15 lol Kratos just playing video games

  23. Regina Watson

    Regina Watson7 ngày trước

    R.I.P TOYS ARE US my baby sis will never know

  24. Sofia Di Mezza

    Sofia Di Mezza8 ngày trước

    Bruh ur so smart

  25. Yasmin Ahmed

    Yasmin Ahmed9 ngày trước

    they fly over tower bride and you can see the tower of London in the background( but the camera angle is from south) and the bride is at the opposite side of the river

  26. Talyn Lavender

    Talyn Lavender9 ngày trước

    0:38 MY GOD

  27. Johnie Nabors

    Johnie Nabors10 ngày trước

    Well this one's one of my favorites amazing great work I love your art. PS all have to vacation there LOL

  28. WyldeGal

    WyldeGal10 ngày trước

    1:10 is the equivalent of everlasting nightmares.

  29. Lizzie Shepard

    Lizzie Shepard10 ngày trước

    3:43 When Matpat said "Yassss queen" I died

  30. Joel Watkins-Idle

    Joel Watkins-Idle10 ngày trước

    3:58 That is tower bridge

  31. Chadwick Rogers

    Chadwick Rogers11 ngày trước

    "Sword Fighting Little Boys" The fuck is wrong with you? You're great MatPat

  32. Daughter of Poseidon

    Daughter of Poseidon11 ngày trước


  33. Nellie's Vids

    Nellie's Vids12 ngày trước

    I learned more from this than I do in school 😂😂😂

  34. G.T tv

    G.T tv12 ngày trước

    Matpat has taught me more things then school

  35. The Polar Bear

    The Polar Bear12 ngày trước

    Wait, what about the people, like the native Americans or the lost boys

  36. Anjail Bakeer

    Anjail Bakeer12 ngày trước

    Michael jackson's neverland is fun af. Im so lucky to have gone.

  37. Mia Maples

    Mia Maples12 ngày trước

    4:23 music anyone know the music

  38. Justin Seagull

    Justin Seagull12 ngày trước

    Im from Honduras ;3

  39. this channel is gone im abbdoning it sorry

    this channel is gone im abbdoning it sorry12 ngày trước

    What about the skull island? Or the large mountain, or the Native American camp? This has to fit everything in it and around it.

  40. Vinod kumar

    Vinod kumar13 ngày trước


  41. Golden Spuds

    Golden Spuds13 ngày trước

    All these people "coming up" with theory comments when really we've read them all on Pinterest and Tumblr already

  42. Tellotube

    Tellotube14 ngày trước

    6:47 Swiggity swooty coming for that booty

  43. Cat kisses

    Cat kisses14 ngày trước

    I live in Canada my Toys R Us isn't closing

  44. Gabriel Parent

    Gabriel Parent15 ngày trước

    Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy TOYS R US whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy😢😢😢😢

  45. Angel Osorio

    Angel Osorio15 ngày trước

    My theory of why you stay young. If neverland is the location of the fountain of youth, the fountain must make everyone young. The island is full of rainbows, which is produced with rain or MIST. That must mean that the island is covered in the youth fountain mist.

  46. XxX_Jamal Life_XxX

    XxX_Jamal Life_XxX15 ngày trước

    1:06 I hate You!

  47. security puppet

    security puppet15 ngày trước


  48. security puppet

    security puppet15 ngày trước

    toys r us is coming back =D

  49. Javier Estavillo

    Javier Estavillo15 ngày trước

    It’s not Elizabeth tower it’s BIG BEN, trolololol just kidding

  50. armyoncedirectionerkpopper forever

    armyoncedirectionerkpopper forever16 ngày trước

    Philippines still has toys r us tho