Film Theory: The Disney Princess Problem (Wreck It Ralph 2)

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The Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer Disney Princess scene sparked a question for me. What QUANTIFIES a Disney Princess? Capital D. Capital P. Depending on where you look, you find a LOT of differing opinions. Today Theorists, I aim to figure out what the rules are to being a TRUE Disney Princess!
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  1. Ellie Smithy

    Ellie Smithy3 giờ trước

    Well. Watching this with my dad. He made a fair point. In fact Mulan was given the seal of the emperor, ergo accepted into the royal court ergo a princess. (I mean if you still squint slightly)

  2. evelyn klonecki

    evelyn klonecki5 giờ trước

    Princess Jasmine is my favorite princess


    DHARMA DONAVAN11 giờ trước

    You made a mistake Anna and Elsa are in the movie

  4. Le Potato

    Le Potato11 giờ trước

    WHAT... Lion King's Kiara ain't a Princess?! Fuck this shit

  5. Zakwan Shah

    Zakwan Shah18 giờ trước

    triggered feminists in the comment sections...XD

  6. Daniel Tyler

    Daniel Tyler18 giờ trước

    Why is no one talking about Akida from Atlantis the lost empire?!

  7. Iceplayz gamez

    Iceplayz gamez20 giờ trước

    I feel like disney needs to come to a end

  8. it's me shane plays

    it's me shane plays22 giờ trước

    Moana Anna and Elsa were included in the club and one of the

  9. it's me shane plays

    it's me shane plays22 giờ trước

    Vanellope von sweets already be a princess automatically cuz it's in her name

  10. Marry plays

    Marry plays23 giờ trước

    Uhh mulan is a princess she not not royal or married but Disney made a rule to let mulan to be one and that is that she performs a act of heroism

  11. Silly Lili

    Silly Lili23 giờ trước

    Merida does sing

  12. derpy hooves

    derpy hoovesNgày trước

    Did y'all know Mickey mouse is a resemble as the devil

  13. ɠαყρ샃ɓαll -w-

    ɠαყρ샃ɓαll -w-Ngày trước

    You talk about Ana and Elsa being excluded, but you showed images where they were included?

  14. david paw

    david pawNgày trước

    6:52 Mulan is trying to be hip

  15. Oresa ma707

    Oresa ma707Ngày trước

    Princess Matthew Patrick, princess of the rare and ancient people that are more superior in knowledge to the average homosapiens the great Theorists!

  16. kyra russell

    kyra russellNgày trước

    At 4:50 I saw Elsa talking to moana #busted4life c: :3

  17. Gaty MMO

    Gaty MMONgày trước

    What about Minnie Mouse?

  18. my dog luna newsom

    my dog luna newsomNgày trước

    The intro....still a better movie than Twilight

  19. Western Centrist Rants

    Western Centrist RantsNgày trước

    Yes, Matt Patt just took a shit on feminists at the beginning.

  20. over there on your chair

    over there on your chairNgày trước

    Pocahontas isn't a Indian princess she us a native American princess just so anyone that thinks she is a Indian know

  21. Sara Nagh

    Sara NaghNgày trước

    Disney, create a South Asian (east Indian), that would make it complete.

  22. Skyslays all

    Skyslays allNgày trước

    MATPAT! You done messed up! I gotta get a pet! That's why they hate yah!

  23. Lyra Avatar

    Lyra AvatarNgày trước

    It's the popularity of the movie~

  24. Kaelin Miller

    Kaelin Miller2 ngày trước

    What about MLP princesses? They don't follow the princess guidelines.

  25. Ethan Loves Kitties

    Ethan Loves Kitties2 ngày trước

    Ariel has no dress...

  26. Stacy Webb

    Stacy Webb2 ngày trước

    *Donald duck has been renamed to Nazi duck*

  27. E.M. Malcolm

    E.M. Malcolm2 ngày trước

    I generally don't understand this 'Disney Princess' lineup. Of course, Tiana's my favorite, but just because you wear a dress, have a sidekick, may or may not sing a song, and perform some sort of heroism shouldn't make you a Disney princess. If you're a princess and if you're Disney, then you should be a Disney princess. But whatever. I still love Tiana, though.

  28. Anime Topic

    Anime Topic3 ngày trước


  29. Danurus

    Danurus3 ngày trước

    My guy be using KH Goofy

  30. Ruu dis

    Ruu dis3 ngày trước

    Unskjild meg norge er ikke så kaldt det der litt varmt her :)

  31. Ruby Yates

    Ruby Yates3 ngày trước

    AY MATPAT! Mickey Mouse is a demon as well lmao

  32. Penguinpro800

    Penguinpro8003 ngày trước

    What the hell Donald duck

  33. NinjaKIngAce

    NinjaKIngAce3 ngày trước

    Technically, Vanellope isn't a princess anymore. She gave up her royal title at the end of the movie, and set up a democracy

  34. Sariyah Sanchez

    Sariyah Sanchez3 ngày trước

    Moana and Elsa were on there I think

  35. ryudragon7

    ryudragon74 ngày trước

    I just assume all the animated female leads in Disney movies are Disney Princesses.I just assume all the animated female leads are Disney Princesses.

  36. return of the crusade

    return of the crusade4 ngày trước

    Mulan,brave,and most most of wreck it Ralph suck and most of Moana

  37. EmojiKid

    EmojiKid4 ngày trước

    I can't believe you still record in a closet.

  38. Ariel Harmony

    Ariel Harmony4 ngày trước

    If you do a bit more on Chinese research during that time, you’ll find that line was given the title as second in command to the Chinese leader at the time, meaning that if something happened to that leader and no could be found Mulan Would become the leader of China

  39. Tobias Pixler (Grade 10)

    Tobias Pixler (Grade 10)4 ngày trước

    I know a lot of people are probably saying this, but why isn't Kida from Atlantis part of the lineup, and why does Mat not even mention her until part 2? Atlantis was a great movie with a somewhat decent sequel. It needs more respect

  40. Cassie 5000

    Cassie 50004 ngày trước

    Check out Super Carlin Brothers. They have the proper requirements on their channel

  41. Roach DoggJR

    Roach DoggJR4 ngày trước

    2:18 I fucking love you, MatPat.

  42. xXMagicalRosesXx

    xXMagicalRosesXx4 ngày trước

    How the heck do u even pronounce that name!!!!!???

  43. Mountain flower

    Mountain flower4 ngày trước

    P. S can u do film theory on the hotel Transylvania movies?

  44. Mountain flower

    Mountain flower4 ngày trước

    I am just gonna point out that they say they don't understand merida from brave from Pixar, which is basically exclusive behavior, can u do a video on this, that would say a lot. Thx ❤

  45. galit Chesler

    galit Chesler5 ngày trước

    You stupid idiot those are not the rules watch supercarlinbrothers episodes on disney princesses

  46. Abbie

    Abbie5 ngày trước

    I love how you say Merida with a Scottish accent. 😂😭

  47. Lily The werewolf

    Lily The werewolf5 ngày trước

    Good intro

  48. Powered Pyro

    Powered Pyro5 ngày trước

    I am the M O U S E You listen to me T H E O R Y B O I

  49. Eran Dinuksha

    Eran Dinuksha5 ngày trước

    You will forgive this video when you think to yourself Disney is the reason a great show like the spectacular spider Man go cancelled

  50. Dr Wana

    Dr Wana5 ngày trước

    Um Moana is there