Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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  1. Sarah Allison

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    # Pratt PAT B-) ;-)

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    hey matpat do you know paint? the utube channel?

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    Do a film theory on how the boss baby is all in tim's imagination

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    I loved jurassic world fallin kingdom it was so good

  7. SS4 MC

    SS4 MC22 phút trước

    He forgot that they made the Dino’s out of other animals so they might very well be ok in that environment

  8. Micah Thomas

    Micah Thomas39 phút trước

    Hey MatPat. in Celebration of the incredibles 2, i was re watching the first one a few days a go. while i was watching, i noticed something . When Mr Incredible and Frozone are sitting in the car near the beginning, before the around the time of the burning building, the first time you see mirage. remember that? well, one of the first word out of her mouth are "the fat one is still with him" by "the fat one" she cant possibly mean Frozone, he is tiny Compared to Bob. then, the second time, you hear the guy over the walkie talkie say something about "switching Targets", and mirage confirms. i dont know if this has been done before, but can you do a theory on Frozone and why Syndrome might have wanted him OVER Mr, Incredible?

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  11. Derpy Sheep

    Derpy SheepGiờ trước

    Did he say billions at 8:20? The last T. Rex died with the asteroid 65 million years ago

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    Xd #prattpat

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  14. ArlanKels

    ArlanKelsGiờ trước

    If you're going to weaponize a dinosaur i'd much rather weaponize a herbivore over something that'll EAT YOU ALIVE when you stop paying attention for a second.

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  22. Hyper Lemon

    Hyper LemonGiờ trước

    Correction the raptors in the Jurassic Park trilogy where based off the deinonychus even Michael Crichton had spoken with a paleontologist to discuss the raptors and Spielberg was going to use the deinonychus but chose velociraptor because it sounded more dramatic, deinonychus is also found in Utah, Montana, and Wyoming

  23. Da Boss

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    Ok now that’s just perverted ;-; 1:03

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    OMG CAN U DO A THEORY ABOUT “Final Space”?!?!?!?!

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    Do a theory about "Lilo &Sticki"

  27. sukairaa tsubasa

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    i just watched the movie today and it's pretty cool spoiler(ish?), there's a freaking cliffhanger.

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    its not illa its isla please say it correctly

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  31. Jaxon Sproule Murtagh

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    wrong. t rex's height is 20 feet and their length is 40 feet.

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    Get *F O O L E D* Jurassic Park!! >:D

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    Hey matpat you should do a episode on Canary' s scream from arrow

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    Make a theory on incredible 2

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    1:17 to 1:30 :D

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    I thought this was fallen kingdom so I waited to watch it

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    Hay mattpat, have you heard of gorillaz?

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    Susie was found In Montana, she is a very interesting story

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    Hey MatPat I think that you should make a video comparing All Might’s United States of Smash to his Plus Ultra Smash against Nomu to see which one was stronger.

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    they where genetically modified

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    All the dinosaurs are females!!!!! Except the indominess raptor...

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    .لاقصىاقصاىد حسينيه

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    The t-rex is about 14 feet high not 40

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    Hey MatPat, are you ever going to do a theory on Tokyo Ghoul?

  48. AmericanArmadillo

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    Didn't they talk about adding tropical frog DNA to the dinosaurs to help them adapt to the climate? Shouldn't the raptors be fine either way then?

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    Please do a theory on Tremors!