Film Theory: How Disney RUINED Han Solo! (Star Wars)

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Solo gave us the history of our favorite con-man, but what Star Wars didn't know was that it also revealed the TRUTH about Han Solo's skills...or lack of skills. He CAN'T fly a ship! That's right, Han Solo is NOT the best pilot in the galaxy! Today, Loyal Theorists, we are PROVING that Han Solo has no flying skills at ALL!
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  1. Bill Cypher

    Bill Cypher2 giờ trước

    That theory is super dumb Lando owned the fucking ship and should be able to fly it. And Rey was able to fly it because she was guided by the force while flying, and she says that she’s been on the ship before and is familiar with the controls and what not. You know, like how Luke destroyed the Death Star without using the computer. And like how he was able to deflect the laser beam without sight. You really can’t even use the original Star Wars movie as proof because George Lucas (the spear head of the sat rests franchise) didn’t even know they were gonna make a sequel much less a prequel.

  2. SonicRyan1992

    SonicRyan19924 giờ trước

    i like this theory. it didn't ruin Han Solo for me because I was more engaged in Luke's story. so now i just think Han's best weapon is the gift of Gab, which we see him use to great lengths trying to save his own ass in deals that go sour. xD

  3. Teriyaki

    Teriyaki16 giờ trước

    So many things wrong with this "theory" and it saddens me some people actually will believe this.

  4. LeeCore

    LeeCore23 giờ trước

    if i hear one more person call a starfighter or speeder a plane im going to flip.

  5. royal knight

    royal knightNgày trước

    Mate you will loses this argument very Quickly so step down

  6. Taylor Robson

    Taylor Robson2 ngày trước

    Great theory, and tie in that and 200 year old chewy flies a lot.

  7. Darrin Roeber

    Darrin Roeber2 ngày trước

    Man I’m glad I’m not the only one that saw the movie this way!

  8. InSupportOfJunHado

    InSupportOfJunHado2 ngày trước

    The biggest problem with Solo was, SPOILER ALERT, Darth Maul. He was cut in half and then fell over thirty feet, which is fatal enough in most cases when the human body is one piece. He's not even back in a more machine than man now sense, but in the flesh! And he's the diabolus ex machina that keeps Han from getting with his girlfriend instead of his ill fated deal with Jabba The Hut! The piloting thing is, honestly, misremembered. Han's buddies wanted him to fly into the mountain and kill them all, as they believed going back to their boss empty handed would be instant death. Han chose to instead let the fuel hit the mountain. It only got so bad because of the marauders, and Han could have piloted better in the situation, all things considered, but was caught off guard by the marauders. An in the moment mistake, especially made when no one around him was giving any good advice, is understandable. It true he's not the best pilot in the galaxy.The points about Lando, Chewbaca, Rey and, hell, the pilot before him, are enough for that. From the first movie(fourth movie?) Ben is skeptical about Han's boasts regarding the Kessel run. But Han is a sufficient pilot. To claim he can't fly at all is too far in the other direction. I can agree with the movie not being that good too, though. Rogue One wasn't two good either and the numbered entries...I liked them, even though they were almost everything I didn't want to see in Star Wars I liked them.

  9. Ben Rogers

    Ben Rogers2 ngày trước

    This is probably one of your worst videos. Tbh. Lots of canon information was neglected to be included which changes your statement. Granted L3 helps only when engaging hyperdrive routes. Also Rey did have piloting expensive canonically. I agree he’s far from the best. But not the level you’ve fabricated.

  10. Demitri Niketopoulos

    Demitri Niketopoulos2 ngày trước

    Adding on top of just having her navigation system uploaded. When she was uploaded to the falcon, it was after the TIE fighter chase. So everything before her upload was all Han and Chewie. The ship does have auto pilot, but it is more of " I need to take a piss" button. It keeps the ship stable during hyperspace jumps and casual flying. You even see Han piloting using one of the wheels of the Falcon to steer. So, to sum up every comment I will use a quote for The Last Jedi to describe what to expect "Amazing, every word of what you just said was wrong". Edit: CHEWIE WAS PILOTING THE SHIP ON CRAIT. Honestly you need to pay more attention to the facts. Note I love your videos, but this one didn't seem to get all the facts straight.

  11. Stoned Gentleman

    Stoned Gentleman3 ngày trước

    Droid Lives Matter sure as shit hurt this movie

  12. X

    X3 ngày trước

    this 12:40 vidoe is more fun then Solo movie!

  13. Anthony Warren

    Anthony Warren3 ngày trước

    Wow, i cane to this video by mistake & wish i didnt. does every idiot in Earth have a VItube channel???

  14. December 7O7

    December 7O73 ngày trước

    hand solo was just a homeless loser who stole a shit an hung out with a tall monkey

  15. Ricardo Vieira Bacelete

    Ricardo Vieira Bacelete4 ngày trước

    HEY MAN, I LOVE THE CHANNEL AND ALWAYS WATCH WITH A COPULE OF FRIENDS HERE IN BRASIL, whats is your opinion about "Solo", i thought that was a good movie, i didn't see in the cinema because of the high prices of tickets, so i streamed, but like i said: i thought that was valid and a good movie, not important but a honest adventure movie like Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure it is a funny movie to see.

  16. Deeann Woolison

    Deeann Woolison4 ngày trước

    no i talked to the producer and he had no clue

  17. TeamAllGamers 6969

    TeamAllGamers 69694 ngày trước

    Your Thanos Cant Snap theory was total clickbait.

  18. Oliver Esposito

    Oliver Esposito5 ngày trước

    L3 is a map not nothing more Han flys not l3

  19. SPT Envall

    SPT Envall5 ngày trước

    I hate you!!!!

  20. Alexzander Martin

    Alexzander Martin5 ngày trước

    It's not Rey in the last movie it's chewie and l3 isn't real in the original movies

  21. AusraPaule Ausra

    AusraPaule Ausra5 ngày trước

    Is it just me or does han look like matpat

  22. Taparia Engu

    Taparia Engu5 ngày trước

    So true

  23. H B

    H B6 ngày trước

    The last good Star Wars was Rouge One.

  24. H B

    H B6 ngày trước

    Disney is now run by idiots. They will ruin Guardians Of The Galaxy next. They fired the Director so now I am sure if a new one comes out will be crap like Star Wars.

  25. Darth Cakes

    Darth Cakes6 ngày trước

    9:10 ...actually I read a book about the backstory of Finn,Poe and Rey and it said that she found this pilot simulator while scavengeing Jakku and she tried everything in the simulator even some emergency stuff like a fire on the plane/ship thingy. I hope you see this because a lot of people get it wrong and my face hurts from facepalming so much.

  26. Benjamin Hawley

    Benjamin Hawley6 ngày trước

    Well how about this notice that in the Phantom Menace that had Anakin ever flown a ship before so how does he naturally do that you can also notice it in other movies to with other Jedi including Luke who in the 4th movie had never flown a X-wing before. Just a thought but yes Matt Pat is probably right about the Millennium Falcon.

  27. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf6 ngày trước

    Ummmmmmm Matt pat buddy u do so much deep diving and theorizing yet u miss the fact Han was a general before he tried to bail on them

  28. Videokidmaker

    Videokidmaker6 ngày trước

    You don’t get to bring the ghost into this

  29. Austin Boyce

    Austin Boyce6 ngày trước

    does that mean the Millennium Falcon can have force powers?!

  30. Sports Sidelined

    Sports Sidelined6 ngày trước

    He didn’t win the Falcon at first

  31. OneWhoDreamsAwake

    OneWhoDreamsAwake7 ngày trước

    I disagree so hard with this. I got to 5:58 and got sick of saying "That didn't happen!" Normally I'm happy to listen to the perspective of this channel... but honestly, it was incredibly sloppy this time. I feel like you didn't even watch the movie. Aside from the hate this movie got (I thought it was alright and interesting enough -I'm always happy with more Chewy) I can genuinely say that any person who objectively recounted the events wouldn't agree with what you're saying. That's a problem, no matter the movie. Disappointed.

  32. Zev304

    Zev3047 ngày trước

    While you do put up a good theory, one reason Han in solo can suddenly pull of the maneuver from the beginning of the movie is because he had no force pushing back against the falcon, in the og trilogy they didn't really think about how Han wasn't piloting and just wanted to make the movie look cool, and we have no evidence that Rey is a pilot be we also have no evidence she isn't, after all she spent all that time on jakku

  33. Logan Tyler

    Logan Tyler7 ngày trước

    Pretty disney is about to pull up on mattpatt in a blacked out van

  34. Connor Harney

    Connor Harney7 ngày trước

    Maybe it's because rey is a Jedi

  35. radioactive tea

    radioactive tea7 ngày trước

    I think he was even to bored to pay attention to this movie😂

  36. Lizard Wizard

    Lizard Wizard7 ngày trước

    Obi wan kenobi > Han solo

  37. Dragon Blade

    Dragon Blade8 ngày trước

    My favourite Star Wars character is a lie

  38. josh webb

    josh webb8 ngày trước

    Oh Matt, we all know that Rey is a Mary Sue

  39. Kevin Rose

    Kevin Rose8 ngày trước

    So the Solo movie wasn't really about Han Solo, it was about the Melinium Falcon / LE-37 That movie makes a lot more sense now. As a matter of fact, the Han Solo character wasn't very memorable after the movie. L3-37 stole the show. She is the solo the movie is named after, the one and only L3-37. I think I might like the movie now.

  40. Ender Guy

    Ender Guy8 ngày trước


  41. Jonathan Mathiasen

    Jonathan Mathiasen8 ngày trước

    It was Chewbacca there was flying the falcon in the last jedi.

  42. Mirmisian

    Mirmisian8 ngày trước

    Or maybe the writers have been shit for the last 20 or so years

  43. Filip The Mixer

    Filip The Mixer8 ngày trước

    L3 is a navigation droid NOT a pilot droid and is showing where to go, but Han still has to steer.

  44. Hector B

    Hector B8 ngày trước

    Amazing, every word you said mattpat, was wrong.

  45. Evan McClure

    Evan McClure8 ngày trước

    L3 is specifically referred to as a navigation system and not an auto pilot. That would be saying if I were to use google maps I could instantly be able to drift a car or do dounts etc. Rey actually DOES know how to fly. She even specifically states that she has flow before and has just never left the planet. And Han is not away from the Falcon's cockpit whenever they are under fire. He shortly leaves during 5 to try to fix the navigation system and hyperdrive but he comes back to maneuver through a asteroid field while, by the way, his navigation system is down, meaning there is no question that he did it on his own. We even see him fly head on at a STAR DESTROYER and somehow get off of their scanners entirely. L3 isn't flying the ship for anyone.

  46. stasyszy

    stasyszy8 ngày trước

    The droid is navigation, does not mean it does not want to pilot? my bet is the droid wants to keep the falcon alive and hence will pilot it! wouldn't you if you trapped inside the ship and still have bigger plans?

  47. sinker carabajal

    sinker carabajal8 ngày trước

    l3-37 is a navigation droid, not a piloting droid

  48. The Orange Ranger

    The Orange Ranger9 ngày trước

    Of course, since Disney Wars isn't valid canon anyway, it's safe to say that Han is an ace pilot, and not the liar Disney is making him out to be.

  49. A V

    A V9 ngày trước

    ...parsecs are still a measurement of distance not time...

  50. Judge Druss

    Judge Druss10 ngày trước

    thumbnail is creepy as fuck