Film Theory: How Disney RUINED Han Solo! (Star Wars)

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Solo gave us the history of our favorite con-man, but what Star Wars didn't know was that it also revealed the TRUTH about Han Solo's skills...or lack of skills. He CAN'T fly a ship! That's right, Han Solo is NOT the best pilot in the galaxy! Today, Loyal Theorists, we are PROVING that Han Solo has no flying skills at ALL!
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  1. Thomas Caragher

    Thomas Caragher11 giờ trước

    Listen matpat, even I mess up sometimes. You think Han had a choice to drop the coaxium?

  2. Crazy kid Gameing51

    Crazy kid Gameing5113 giờ trước

    Chewies gotta get a better friend

  3. Kelly Boyer

    Kelly Boyer13 giờ trước

    Hey dummy Rey has flown before read the books

  4. G T

    G T13 giờ trước

    Ps Hain did not crash the shuttle in Episode 6

  5. Mattapo GooglyEyes

    Mattapo GooglyEyes14 giờ trước

    Hey Matpat, great theory! I really like this new view on the Star Wars universe. I really think that all of it is correct, except for the part where you said that Rey never flew a ship. In a Disney novel made after The Force Awakens was released titled “Before The Awakening,” Rey found, and repaired a ship in the Jakku ship graveyard. She then flew it, and perfected her flying skills with a flight simulator aboard her downed AT-AT. She never flew the Falcon before, but she did fly before. I just wanted to point that out, but I still love you, and your theories. Keep it up!

  6. G T

    G T14 giờ trước

    Also he was kicked our of flight academy because he disobeyed orderes

  7. G T

    G T14 giờ trước

    First of all when Han "crashed" he did not crash he just relieved the cables on the contaner

  8. SuperFuzzyBros.

    SuperFuzzyBros.21 giờ trước

    I liked Solo

  9. jack Daniels 167

    jack Daniels 167Ngày trước

    George Lucas doesn’t own Star Wars anymore

  10. hello987b

    hello987bNgày trước

    They don't have a plan for any of these series.

  11. Sophia Whaley

    Sophia WhaleyNgày trước

    8:28 all ships have piloting droids in their navicomputors because hyperspace jumps can't be calculated mentally. What Lando basically did was create a navicomputer in the form of a droid and put its hard drive into the Falcon. Han is still good at flying, but the navigation is from L3. Also, at 9:12 Rey has the force so it comes naturally to her.

  12. mangaka08

    mangaka08Ngày trước

    So, people complain about Rey being a better pilot than Han Solo and, so, they make an entire movie to try to show that "Han wasn't even that great" and that it was just a robot doing it all just so that she doesn't come off as a Mary Sue in this regard -- even though she is in every other regard still. Got it.

  13. Harry Potter

    Harry PotterNgày trước

    shut up stupid

  14. Zachary Jones

    Zachary Jones2 ngày trước

    To be fair, you can't really use Rey as a comparison for something, she is a human mcguffin

  15. Anon B

    Anon B2 ngày trước

    Every time anyone does anything amazing in SW, it's the Force. Biggest get out clause in Hollywood.

  16. Todd Weaver

    Todd Weaver3 ngày trước

    Not correct. The droid only was involved with hyperspace. Those close quarters asteroid scenes were hands on piloting.

  17. lachlan lindsay

    lachlan lindsay3 ngày trước

    Bloody Anakin as a small child managed to pilot a naboo ship well enough to destroy a whole droid army. This piece of evidence alone debunks this whole theory.


    [LORD DAN THE GREAT]3 ngày trước

    Dear Matpat, *What Have You Done.*

  19. Silver Eevee

    Silver Eevee3 ngày trước

    Maaaaaaapaaaaaaat solo isn’t Canon

  20. Nick Windu

    Nick Windu3 ngày trước

    What if Han is a Krennic?

  21. GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding

    GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding3 ngày trước

    What if Han doesn't know about to falcons additional programming? He can't seem to pick up much information other than how to hit on the other characters love interests. He probably just thinks he's lucky or loved

  22. theWOLFman8502

    theWOLFman85025 ngày trước

    I'm a faithful subscriber, but I'm not convinced this time, this is the first video where I need to put my foot down, you had a lot of points but you also missed a lot of points, I am sorry to inform you sir, but you are wrong

  23. The Smuggler’s Den

    The Smuggler’s Den5 ngày trước

    What about the fact that lando is a pansexual weird ass. God Star Wars is being filled with the SJW agenda

  24. Qualified Idiots

    Qualified Idiots5 ngày trước

    Disney: "Film Theory is the reason our movies aren't liked!" FT: *Sips diet coke* "If that's what you thought the last video did, prepare for Round two"

  25. Jon Feist

    Jon Feist6 ngày trước

    Your voice makes me want to stop hearing things

  26. Matthew Thomas NEWHAM

    Matthew Thomas NEWHAM6 ngày trước

    dumbass it was the map in her database which was uplaoded

  27. Zel Zwrd

    Zel Zwrd7 ngày trước

    have no idea why people hated this has plotholes here and there,but it is generally entertaining.

  28. supercat136

    supercat1367 ngày trước

    actually, rey has a lot of experience flying because of a flight simulator she found and didn't sell, it says in the book before the awakening

  29. omega sleyer rgamer

    omega sleyer rgamer7 ngày trước

    stop bullin solo

  30. omega sleyer rgamer

    omega sleyer rgamer7 ngày trước

    I love Han solo

  31. omega sleyer rgamer

    omega sleyer rgamer7 ngày trước

    en yore vid

  32. Ben Jeffries

    Ben Jeffries7 ngày trước

    Perhaps one of my favorite theories yet. Rey’s piloting skill always struck me as to convenient and C3PO’s calculations as meaningless. The idea that the Falcon really is special fixes it. Thank you for retroactively increasing my enjoyment of a franchise.

  33. Imaginarey plush MASTER

    Imaginarey plush MASTER7 ngày trước

    He flys in the movies so I can’t believe you

  34. stormtrooper lego

    stormtrooper lego7 ngày trước

    Why you!!!!

  35. Skywalking Studioz

    Skywalking Studioz8 ngày trước

    L3 isn’t doing the flying she just tells Han where to go

  36. the Professor have a good day, my sir

    the Professor have a good day, my sir8 ngày trước


  37. umm butterfly

    umm butterfly8 ngày trước

    I still love this movie!!!!!!

  38. Sebastian Playz

    Sebastian Playz8 ngày trước

    no, only watch those videos for entertainment purposes not educational

  39. Hunter Ickes

    Hunter Ickes9 ngày trước

    kill solo

  40. Rayan Hachem

    Rayan Hachem9 ngày trước

    Is Disney sponsoring you ?

  41. Chad Ratelle

    Chad Ratelle9 ngày trước

    Although the books are no longer 'canon' which is BS, they take a lot of info from the books for these new movies. And they feel the need to carbon copy the originals. There was no droid. The books the was based on, The Han Solo Trilogy: The Paradise Snare, The Hutt Gambit, and Rebel Dawn really show where Han learned to pilot and it was no droid mind uplinked.

  42. Solyn Schroeder

    Solyn Schroeder9 ngày trước

    *Cracks knuckles* Bearing in mind that my argument is going to hinge on lore revealed during EU materials (Zahn's Heir to the Empire/sequels).. Your argument is that the ship is basically flying itself primarily, instead of him actually being a pilot. Problem is, the Falcon (like many other smuggler's crafts) was modified SPECIFICALLY to remove the possibility of 'slaving' its controls to a mechanical source (internal or external). Lando and Han both feel the same way about that, both kept that feature on the Falcon. Ya Can't. Remote. The Falcon. This would apply to the ship's computer as well, it is incapable of overriding the pilot.

  43. A10N50 Macias

    A10N50 Macias10 ngày trước

    I'm just gonna pretend the Solo movie exists... Or the sequels

  44. Selim Karayıl

    Selim Karayıl10 ngày trước

    There was someone who said something about this movie. I think it was E;R and he said "When you start filling the blanks about your character who had unknown past, it could lead to people's views about that character and viewers don't need to think about it since movie expose everything there is nothing that gonna make people think about." or something like that. And I have to say this new Star Wars movies throwing new rules left and right. As far as I can remember before long neck lesbo holdo who *couldn't even bother to* wear uniform or talk to people or *help people* there was no hyperspace kamikaze. Even though all of that ships capabilities are nothing new and even though droid can fly ships. Similar thing happened in this movie. Saying that robots didn't had memory wipe for long time means memory wiping robots is something that's happening, even though not doing it has much better outcome or uploading a robot's AI to a ship again even though it has much better outcome for some reason.*NO ONE* in the *WHOLE UNIVERSE* done something like this before. Also considering that robot's personality if it could help fly the ship, it could do much more than fly. Being part of the ship and having control over the ship and not saying one word is the least believable thing considering the robot in question. I honesty don't know what wookie can or can't do but as far as Rey goes, she is just a mary-sue and she finding the millennium falcon and all those maneuvers are nothing more than mixture of mary-sue and fan service. You don't have to agree with me but there are too many reasons to why she is a mary-sue and not enough excuses to why she isn't. In all honesty I'm selfish and I don't have any reason to consider these new Star Wars movies as canon. Anyway have a good day.

  45. mr ass hat nice ass

    mr ass hat nice ass12 ngày trước

    Also he could be a general as he save the queen and he did help in the war and help luke and obi wan find princess also he help blow the death star up has he saved luke from ship shooting at him as he gos to blow it up

  46. mr ass hat nice ass

    mr ass hat nice ass12 ngày trước

    Just saying rey may suck a being a pilot but she does have the force helping her

  47. Jack Fortuna

    Jack Fortuna13 ngày trước

    Thanks Disney! I'm an Imperial anyways. I couldn't care less.

  48. Nashmann Jango

    Nashmann Jango14 ngày trước

    And Han said "its the ship that made Kessel run in 12 parasecs "!!! I KNOW WE ARE PISSED BY DISNEYWARS BUT PLEASE CHECK YOUR " FACTS" !!!!

  49. Nashmann Jango

    Nashmann Jango14 ngày trước

    Manouvering is one thing and for going through hyperspace it takes computer ( L3 something ) ! Soooo Han CAN FLY ,HE GOT EXPERIENCE THROUGH YEARS ON FALCON... And yeah film was stupid and disjointed...

  50. Hamish Plays Games

    Hamish Plays Games14 ngày trước

    why didn't you just say, "Solo - A Star Wars Story" ruined everything you loved about Han, just forget about it and pretend it doesn't exist.

  51. Alexandru Chiriac

    Alexandru Chiriac14 ngày trước

    Haw do YOU measure the the time to complete a run in a unit of measure for distances???????????