Film Theory: Did Bots SAVE Justice League?

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WARNING: Bots are taking over our movie reviews!! Or are they? What if I told you that it was your fellow movie buffs that were helping Hollywood make bad movies? That it was all OUR FAULT? Well Theorists, that is EXACTLY what I'm telling you. We made the Justice League movie happen.
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  1. Skeiken Den ikke så store

    Skeiken Den ikke så store4 ngày trước

    Bots? You wanna talk about bots? here are some bots to talk about:

  2. MrBertbecker

    MrBertbecker5 ngày trước

    you are the best

  3. Eevee the Flareon

    Eevee the Flareon6 ngày trước

    It's abot time

  4. Gaming Squid

    Gaming Squid8 ngày trước

    Have an xbox im not a bot No i know your a bot because your trying to give me a xbox

  5. Myricht

    Myricht8 ngày trước

    Do you still have the code for the botfinder? If so do you mind opensourcing it? As a rookie AI researcher, it could get me started on making some projects myself. I already made a mini spider to search data on my home network in python but by adding sentiment and scoring I could extend this.

  6. Winged Oregano

    Winged Oregano9 ngày trước

    MARVEL fan!

  7. Maalik Rahim

    Maalik Rahim13 ngày trước

    this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨

  8. Klojoost

    Klojoost14 ngày trước

    It didn't deserve 40%, it should have been lower

  9. NotThatJordan

    NotThatJordan17 ngày trước

    Honey is actually scaring me, I’m sorry, but for some reason i don’t trust it ;-; 😂

  10. Captain Nemo!

    Captain Nemo!17 ngày trước

    Someoen doesnt know how ragnarok got high score on rt

  11. Captain Nemo!

    Captain Nemo!17 ngày trước

    wb ruined jl for sure

  12. me notyu

    me notyu17 ngày trước

    loved the IRC bots. used to make fun messages with them. Ah the early internet days.

  13. me notyu

    me notyu17 ngày trước

    i liked it. didnt realize it bombed. was far better than batman v superman and honestly thought it was better than black panter. Those fans do seem to have a point with critical bias. can anyone really say that black panther is one of the finest movies ever, even one of the finest MCU movies?

  14. RenchesAndSords

    RenchesAndSords17 ngày trước


  15. Jasper Blount

    Jasper Blount18 ngày trước

    Is it really so hard to believe that there are real people that like D.C. movies?

  16. Kharu the person

    Kharu the person19 ngày trước

    beeeep, beep booop, beeeeeoooooooeeeeeoooooooo. I am not a bot, insignificant humans,

  17. Aryan Dey

    Aryan Dey19 ngày trước


  18. musikSkool

    musikSkool19 ngày trước

    I was not happy with Thor's haircut, they are saying that society gets to dictate your hairstyle. I'm sure that critic wouldn't shave his beard if he got a "bad review" of it.

  19. Derron Miao

    Derron Miao20 ngày trước

    *sniff* i think im going to cry :D

  20. TheGamerForeverGFE : The Gamer Plays

    TheGamerForeverGFE : The Gamer Plays20 ngày trước

    Well as much as i love marvel i also really enjoy dc. People pls dont hate just say u prefer the other more.

  21. Ben Friedman

    Ben Friedman20 ngày trước

    I❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟game thery

  22. Think Fight Talk

    Think Fight Talk20 ngày trước

    Jokes on you, I know my stuff sucks

  23. A Machine Connor

    A Machine Connor20 ngày trước

    So um, i'm just gonna say....the turing test....the Kamski test....anyone? No? Alright i just-head out *walks away*

  24. Daniel Austin

    Daniel Austin20 ngày trước

    very true

  25. Tolvfen

    Tolvfen21 ngày trước

    Thor is a god from a old time= nobody should change him

  26. EliteGaming

    EliteGaming21 ngày trước

    The DCEU movies aren’t that bad!

  27. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach21 ngày trước

    Bots? TTG used bots

  28. Johnny The Genius

    Johnny The Genius21 ngày trước

    This is probably what Putin did with the swedish election.

  29. danteelite

    danteelite21 ngày trước

    Marvel takes criticism and improves, "Hmm.. you don't like that? Here's James Gunn with a talking tree.. Don't like this? Here's THOR VS Fucking HULK! A SPACE WOLF, AND A GIANT FIRE GUY.. Also, have a sexy goddess of death, an adorkable rock man, and his best friend a worm with blades for limbs." DC on the other hand.. "You didn't like that? You're just a hater.. screw you." "Oh you liked Batman, hated how dark and whiney Superman was and enjoyed Wonder Woman?! Well, let's make Batman an obnoxious dick, make Superman even grumpier.. in fact lets have him try to kill his friends, Wonder Woman... make her... whiney-er. And we can do the same bland CGI monster villain fans complained about last time." "Good idea. Also, let's make like 14 joker movies no one wants, including a Joker no one liked, a Joker no one asked for, and plan 20 other movies we may or may not make.." "Agreed. The Sony method?" "Yes. The Sony method, they really know how to make superhero movies.. Fox too, let's emulate those guys!"

  30. YoBarett

    YoBarett21 ngày trước

    Thot Bots are the worst type of bots and best type of thot

  31. BlazingFury

    BlazingFury21 ngày trước

    I liked that movie

  32. J R Animation Studios

    J R Animation Studios22 ngày trước

    your animation skills are better than mine, and you don't even have that as your specialty while I do : (

  33. Sohrab Firouzjahi

    Sohrab Firouzjahi23 ngày trước

    I appreciate all the work you did for this video... but did it ever occur to you that maybe someone somewhere just liked this movie?

  34. burnum

    burnum24 ngày trước

    "Passionate fan"? I highly doubt it, since over time, Kevin's had more influence than any critic. I wanna wager he's at Siskel and Ebert level of influence. Which honestly, needs to stop.

  35. Computercat1008

    Computercat100824 ngày trước

    That hulk costume at the end is a mood

  36. LeftHandWinks

    LeftHandWinks26 ngày trước

    4:56 pretty much the plot of blade runner😂😂😂

  37. That Child

    That Child26 ngày trước

    One like = one less bad dream for MP

  38. Masked Man

    Masked Man26 ngày trước

    I’m a kid and play roblox... Just yesterday I got friend requests and followers named CheckMeOut What kind of bot is that?

  39. Deathlock 202

    Deathlock 20226 ngày trước

    I will never dislike your video

  40. Meadow Fretenborough

    Meadow Fretenborough27 ngày trước

    matpat ur the BESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Super Pizza Man!!!

    Super Pizza Man!!!27 ngày trước

    The fnaf fan gets the credit of killing you curse you fan

  42. Super Pizza Man!!!

    Super Pizza Man!!!27 ngày trước

    Lumniti confirmed -matpat

  43. miniemartha

    miniemartha27 ngày trước

    comment or like if you watch the great British bake off💂‍♀️💂‍♀️💂‍♂️🎅🎅👸👸👸👧👧👧👩

  44. Jen Aguilera

    Jen Aguilera27 ngày trước

    gun controllolololoolollo

  45. Venette Thompson

    Venette Thompson27 ngày trước

    Im alwa6s that one like

  46. kori uk

    kori uk28 ngày trước

    That little snipe at the end was flawless!! "Or just a general movie fan" I'm not even American and it made me laugh out loud... Gg Mate lol

  47. LuckyRabbit21

    LuckyRabbit2128 ngày trước

    Bots dislike your videos.

  48. NoSoul

    NoSoulTháng trước

    So many overwatch references,damn


    GMD SUNIXTháng trước


  50. Julsyberry

    JulsyberryTháng trước

    'I miss Mary Berry- me: me too mat, me too ;-; BRITISH BAKING SHOW IS BEST