Film Theory: Did Bots SAVE Justice League?

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WARNING: Bots are taking over our movie reviews!! Or are they? What if I told you that it was your fellow movie buffs that were helping Hollywood make bad movies? That it was all OUR FAULT? Well Theorists, that is EXACTLY what I'm telling you. We made the Justice League movie happen.
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  1. bendy hayden

    bendy hayden16 giờ trước

    Am I a bot

  2. bendy hayden

    bendy hayden16 giờ trước

    Wait am I a not 🎮

  3. Sawri M

    Sawri M17 giờ trước


  4. Vortex Official

    Vortex Official18 giờ trước

    Justice legue is kinda good

  5. Vortex Official

    Vortex Official18 giờ trước

    My favourite part is where batman tries to kill himself.

  6. Chadwick Rogers

    Chadwick Rogers19 giờ trước

    Your honey ad they track your purchase patterns and then hit you with ads that are specifically for you and your habits. Its how and why extentions like this make money and do what they do

  7. Chadwick Rogers

    Chadwick Rogers20 giờ trước

    The only bot on the web is Sophia. Sophia give me money.

  8. Dr Fodwazle

    Dr FodwazleNgày trước

    What version of the great british bake off are you watching

  9. j dragoon

    j dragoonNgày trước

    Marvel uses Bots as well. It's all about money. Manufacturing hype. Cuz all these movies suck dick.

  10. mzamo mahlangabeza

    mzamo mahlangabeza2 ngày trước

    Fricky Friday

  11. Musiconda :3

    Musiconda :33 ngày trước

    the intro never ceases to break my eardrums

  12. Tyler Privacyplease

    Tyler Privacyplease5 ngày trước

    Jenny anistony

  13. TheDimondMiner/danminer

    TheDimondMiner/danminer5 ngày trước

    I don’t hate you

  14. The Walking Polar Bear Matthew Scholz

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  15. micoconut balingit2.0

    micoconut balingit2.07 ngày trước

    Pls sub to pewdiepie

  16. Alanoso el Poderoso

    Alanoso el Poderoso9 ngày trước

    Yeah, you are right, Justice League sucks!

  17. Alanoso el Poderoso

    Alanoso el Poderoso9 ngày trước

    That was a pretty good episode, The Film Theorists!

  18. Gaming Pro's and Noobs

    Gaming Pro's and Noobs9 ngày trước

    BRO DONT SHOW COMMENTS SAYING THAT YOUR A TRASH VIDEO CHANNEL. Cause your amazing and a genius and you make amazing stuff that helps the world and more importantly the media.

  19. Hey It's Elijah

    Hey It's Elijah9 ngày trước

    I hope the people that told ya that yer the cancer of the web actually die of cancer.

  20. Melancholy Angel

    Melancholy Angel10 ngày trước

    Lmao I've seen the movie, it was actually okay.

  21. Leo Lion Queen

    Leo Lion Queen10 ngày trước

    ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🖤Love you MatPat You are by far my favorite gamer channel!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🖤

  22. June T

    June T11 ngày trước

    Bots are not. Ultron

  23. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones12 ngày trước

    What 9 year old would call you cancer?

  24. Putoh Chua

    Putoh Chua13 ngày trước

    Matpat must DIE!!!

  25. Superboom909

    Superboom90914 ngày trước

    You said that you can’t trust anyone cause of bots MatPat is a bot DONT TRUST HIS VIDEOS

  26. Alexander Meszaros

    Alexander Meszaros15 ngày trước

    Anyone who says “you...... a cancer? 😶 is a bot. So many people say it.

  27. D2810 _

    D2810 _15 ngày trước

    Yes good

  28. XxX_Jamal Life_XxX

    XxX_Jamal Life_XxX15 ngày trước

    Wow 5.6 people clicked dislike on accident. *Wow*

  29. RoboBear 913

    RoboBear 91316 ngày trước

    Poor matpat idc if hes wrong about anything hes fun

  30. Ninja pro at Fortnite

    Ninja pro at Fortnite16 ngày trước

    U suc

  31. Tella Carlsso.

    Tella Carlsso.17 ngày trước

    I am one of your subscribers and i love your videos even if there is a ad in your videos i still insta like it everbody Who is reading this comment and you are not subscribed go do that you wont regret it

  32. Shcade X-A113

    Shcade X-A11319 ngày trước

    Matpat: Go and use your powers for good, Me: I am not a bot. -5 Stars. Error.exe has stoped working! Me: Wow so Inspirational! 3.7 Stars.

  33. None of your business

    None of your business21 ngày trước

    Its like:"All my family member died, but at least i got this thing."

  34. Jennifer Lacy

    Jennifer Lacy21 ngày trước

    I think they should get friendship by a marvel dc crossover

  35. Jennifer Lacy

    Jennifer Lacy21 ngày trước

    If you did i don't blame you dc

  36. Jack Lin

    Jack Lin21 ngày trước

    Who's your favourite Marvel superhero? Me: The Joker...

  37. Jack Lin

    Jack Lin21 ngày trước

    RIP Stan Lee

  38. Ariana Ward

    Ariana Ward22 ngày trước

    But I like the Great British Baking Show

  39. Joel Robertson

    Joel Robertson28 ngày trước

    You are the best

  40. William Waugh

    William Waugh28 ngày trước

    get nae naed

  41. Sonumonu Das

    Sonumonu DasTháng trước


  42. Matthew Mazzetti

    Matthew MazzettiTháng trước

    It's okay matpat. We true believers know sans is ness.

  43. Christina Lopez

    Christina LopezTháng trước

    in roblox we have scammer bots that always say 🧡Hello there! Processed Instantly for tons of BUX. No info at all! Unlock VIP. Simply get your promotion today! 👉Go see the link: roblox also had 2 social bots made to help new players when roblox was new but they were hacked and everyone fears them their names are john doe and jane doe

  44. Jeremy Gillins

    Jeremy GillinsTháng trước

    "Looking for movies I can do theories on" *7/8 of the theories are marvel* Edit: I'm not criticizing I'm just throwing that out there. I'm actually more of a marvel fan.

  45. Justin Watson

    Justin WatsonTháng trước

    Rotten tomatoes is garbage anymore I don’t think anyone listens to them

  46. Ljubo TCG

    Ljubo TCGTháng trước

    I liked it i would rate it 60-65%

  47. TheDOPDeity

    TheDOPDeityTháng trước

    The problem is though that WB couldn't care less about making a good movie. They *just* want the money. And as long as that attitude persists and they insist on being so heavy handed, DC will continue to have meh-shit tier movies.

  48. TheDOPDeity

    TheDOPDeityTháng trước

    Comcast already uses bots for customer service...oh, wait no, those are just people with dead brains, my bad


    NAVEEN JAYARAJTháng trước

    You are awesome

  50. Professor Pokeball

    Professor PokeballTháng trước

    Do these bots remind anyone of Roblox scam bots? No,just me.

  51. Smarty farty Builder

    Smarty farty BuilderTháng trước

    YOU ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!