Film Theory: Can You SUE a Superhero? (Disney Pixar's The Incredibles)

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Here's a superhero question - if someone doesn't want to be saved, what happens when you save them? That's what happened to Mr. Incredible in the first Incredibles movie and we never got a good answer. Today Loyal Theorists, we are figuring out if you can LEGALLY sue a superhero for saving you.
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  1. Maddi Kemp

    Maddi Kemp6 giờ trước

    *YoU DidNT sAvE mY LiFe, yOu rUiNeD mY DeATh!!!*

  2. Jonathan Sng

    Jonathan Sng12 giờ trước

    That women caused the death of a toddler I hope she's burns in HELL

  3. - naimthepupper -

    - naimthepupper -21 giờ trước

    a sueperhero ;) and matpat can u be my lawyer thx

  4. Mini Wolfsbane

    Mini WolfsbaneNgày trước

    I was 18 when the first Incredibles came out. Wish we could stop referring to everything as a "childhood movie" and "nostalgic". Glob I'm old. :(

  5. Fross Fairy

    Fross FairyNgày trước

    Intro: Gold.

  6. Maximiliano Mazzeo

    Maximiliano MazzeoNgày trước

    Wondering if is a really well thought event from pixar, orrrr.... you are seeing stuff that pixar didnt even care too much. This was most interesting than i was expecting

  7. Israel Carruthers

    Israel CarruthersNgày trước

    Do you sleep?

  8. Panda Pooch

    Panda Pooch2 ngày trước

    The starting thing was kinda disturbing..... and I liked it.

  9. Brandon Maples

    Brandon Maples2 ngày trước

    I have a theory that Violet from The Incredibles is not mr. Incredible's daughter,, mr. Incredible's hair is not black it's blond and Dash's hair is blond, Elastigirl has brown hair but that's just a theory

  10. Rachel Wu

    Rachel Wu3 ngày trước


  11. Natalie P

    Natalie P3 ngày trước

    Can you make a pacific rim theory

  12. Jade the Skeleton

    Jade the Skeleton5 ngày trước

    My super power is super smell my quote *sniff sniff*"Is that A FART I smell"

  13. Matthew Bolter

    Matthew Bolter6 ngày trước

    Only just realised that the incredibles takes place in 1962

  14. Clayton Grange

    Clayton Grange7 ngày trước

    The good samaritan law says you can be sued if you try to help someone and aren't trained for it.

  15. JustinDaNoob

    JustinDaNoob7 ngày trước

    0:00 OMG I'M DYING!!!!!

  16. Bickslow'sLover Harlequin

    Bickslow'sLover Harlequin7 ngày trước

    I blame that Chinese woman. I hope she feels regret when people die cause people are to afraid of being sued to help

  17. Harry Mack

    Harry Mack7 ngày trước

    I just love how a beloved children's film starts with attempted suicide and law suits

  18. :Dillon Wingull

    :Dillon Wingull7 ngày trước

    SUEper Heros!!!

  19. Dayton Hughes

    Dayton Hughes7 ngày trước

    I can't even imagine how many watch lists mat is on..... Seriously he mentions it in a bunch of his videos but he searches up some suspicious stuff.

  20. Magicae!

    Magicae!7 ngày trước

    Sub to pewdiepie

  21. Miscellaneous Makers

    Miscellaneous Makers7 ngày trước

    Well good luck getting of them watch lists

  22. Eli Kee

    Eli Kee7 ngày trước

    I really like the way My Hero Academia approaches the topic. Superheroes have licenses and have to go through the specific training in order to be a superhero. And there are laws that they have to abide by similar to what the police force has. This would make those legal areas a little less Gray.

  23. Vivian says Heyo what's up

    Vivian says Heyo what's up8 ngày trước

    *triggered* Bona fide WRONG I take Latin it's B-oh-nah Fee-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Alice Baron

    Alice Baron9 ngày trước


  25. Mason Davila

    Mason Davila9 ngày trước

  26. Cringe Gaming 64

    Cringe Gaming 6410 ngày trước

    4:02 no good deed goes unpunished

  27. Cringe Gaming 64

    Cringe Gaming 6410 ngày trước

    Inklings look like Mr incredible with his mask

  28. Matt Jonckers

    Matt Jonckers10 ngày trước

    Could that law protect optimis prime in age of Extinction when optimis jumps out of the barn to stop the agent from shooting the guys daughter?

  29. (Graphite) Punvarit Suttipongtanapat

    (Graphite) Punvarit Suttipongtanapat11 ngày trước

    Memes 5:05


    CHARLIE LESEMAN11 ngày trước

    Draw with Jazza already made you into a superhero!

  31. ya boi jay last name

    ya boi jay last name12 ngày trước

    ...what does your search history look like and how many cops/government officials have contacted you?

  32. Sparkle Studios AG

    Sparkle Studios AG13 ngày trước

    How did they even get their powers I -hate- dislike movies that don’t explain how they got powers in the first movie

  33. DrIllz Entertainment

    DrIllz Entertainment13 ngày trước

    News Paper: Peng yu saved a girl and said u peng

  34. IAM D.D.D DEAD

    IAM D.D.D DEAD13 ngày trước

    How touch to put A113 in

  35. StarFury 2506

    StarFury 250613 ngày trước

    K-king George?! H-Hamilton?! YOU ARE MY NEW ABSOLUTE ALL TIME FAVORITE VItubeR!

  36. Waldy Duran

    Waldy Duran13 ngày trước

    SUEper Hero

  37. julia

    julia14 ngày trước


  38. Nellie 1

    Nellie 114 ngày trước

    King George from Hamilton * starts blaring you'll be back*

  39. Rainbow Titanium Knife

    Rainbow Titanium Knife14 ngày trước


  40. Ooga Booga

    Ooga Booga16 ngày trước

    Matpat you need to be a lawyer

  41. Natalie Roblox!!

    Natalie Roblox!!16 ngày trước

    Once i went to the hospital for trying to commit suicide :(

  42. Andrew Gilkison

    Andrew Gilkison16 ngày trước

    I am sad for the toddler Rest In Peace

  43. Andrew Gilkison

    Andrew Gilkison16 ngày trước

    Because in the 2nd movie he was guilty


    Kat LOLOLOLOL17 ngày trước

    It is *true* that a lot of people can’t be a good samaritan. My P.E teacher told me that you cannot do CPR without a consent from the conscious victim. Or you might be sued... ):


    SUPERGREENSCREENMAN _17 ngày trước

    Mr Matpat: I showed you the realistic truth! Viewer: You didn’t show me the truth, you ruined my childhood!

  46. Fanjang Limbu

    Fanjang Limbu17 ngày trước

    the part about china is so true... last year when i was there a guy was severely injured by a car crash but everyone around just simply ignored him. he was just lying in the road unconscious.

  47. El PAPAS XD

    El PAPAS XD17 ngày trước

    The increbles

  48. El PAPAS XD

    El PAPAS XD17 ngày trước

    The in

  49. Brandon Hawkins

    Brandon Hawkins18 ngày trước

    Can’t sue Batman or iron man

  50. K0PSTL

    K0PSTL18 ngày trước

    How do we know this is the same world?