Film Theory: Avengers Infinity War - Where is the Soul Stone? (Spoiler Free)

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Marvel's Infinity War is about to begin! Thanos is after the Infinity Stones, but he is still missing ONE. The Soul Stone. In all of the MCU, it is the only one yet to appear. "Where is it?" you may ask. Well Theorists, that is what we are here today to find out!
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  1. smashkeys

    smashkeys7 tháng trước

    The real soul stone was inside all of us all along... or friendship... the real soul stone was inside friendship.

  2. The Banaenaez

    The Banaenaez20 ngày trước

    Im the final reply

  3. communist wise guy

    communist wise guy29 ngày trước


  4. communist wise guy

    communist wise guy29 ngày trước


  5. Mariana Bjeletich

    Mariana BjeletichTháng trước

    +Wiesel Cookie seriosly MY LITTLE PONY NOT FUNNY >=O

  6. Mariana Bjeletich

    Mariana BjeletichTháng trước

    why ya gotta be so sappy

  7. SublimingWolf 65

    SublimingWolf 6521 phút trước

    Mabye he had to kill somebody like Gamora mabye throwing her off a cliff

  8. pishtalo the 19th

    pishtalo the 19th24 phút trước

    thanos Tesseract Helgentar system (vormir) Aether Necklace Orb Schepter

  9. Dragon’s Nest

    Dragon’s Nest5 giờ trước

    The soul stone was traded for gamora by thanos to red skull

  10. volaki Meafou

    volaki Meafou9 giờ trước

    don't you mean Avengers: Endgame?! Anyone?...

  11. Kalico Fox

    Kalico Fox10 giờ trước

    Just saying I think I knew clicking on this video that the whole franchise that I haven't seen would be spoiled

  12. Rohan Chaudhary

    Rohan Chaudhary10 giờ trước

    him is adam warlock

  13. ShadowScares Games

    ShadowScares Games11 giờ trước


  14. Beinish Weinreb

    Beinish Weinreb11 giờ trước

    Maybe the soul stone was split in half because it was to powerful so they split the stone into two so it is half as powerful,and both heimdal and Adam Warlock have of each piece,right!?

  15. Wendy Poteat

    Wendy Poteat12 giờ trước

    Film Theory you're stupid the mind stone goes in the biggest space

  16. Elton Wu

    Elton Wu13 giờ trước

    No he collects ALL the stones in the first movie and the order is P,S,T,R,M,SOUL

  17. Elton Wu

    Elton Wu13 giờ trước

    I love the BREAST theory (I sound like a horrible person)

  18. Elton Wu

    Elton Wu13 giờ trước


  19. Evie McQuerrey

    Evie McQuerrey15 giờ trước

    Wat happnd r To hackeye

  20. AssassinDestroyer 77

    AssassinDestroyer 7715 giờ trước

    the soul stone was on vormir and to get it you have to sacrifice of what you love so it couldn't be inside heimdall or his armor

  21. Yang Hu

    Yang Hu18 giờ trước

    Jean Grey is also powerful enough to beat Thanos

  22. Yang Hu

    Yang Hu18 giờ trước

    No wonder when he killed himdall he got the soul stone

  23. samarendra chandan bindu Dash

    samarendra chandan bindu Dash18 giờ trước

    Who is here after watching end game trailer?

  24. Michael McLean

    Michael McLean18 giờ trước

    Wow great sponge bob song and avengers 4 is coming out next spring

  25. DinoMan3E

    DinoMan3E19 giờ trước

    It’s in vomir

  26. Lo L

    Lo L19 giờ trước

    With red skull

  27. Wisecresent Plays

    Wisecresent Plays19 giờ trước

    Maybe heliem steal the stone from adam or heliem have half of the stone and adam have another half.

  28. Screme

    Screme19 giờ trước

    The Heimdall and the ‘Him’ theory are both pretty well thought out. But, overall, I personally believe that there are multiple soul stones, considering that Red Skull states ‘a soul for a soul.’ Along with ‘You must lose what you love (or something).’ I believe that when someone sacrifices a being that they love, they will get a soul stone. See what I said? ‘Being.’ A human being has a soul (along with many other creatures), and, again, ‘a soul for a soul.’ Sacrifice and soul both start with the letter S, which goes to the ‘T.H.A.N.O.S’ theory. S could possibly mean ‘Sacrifice.’ I gathered this information from the film and a little help from this video.

  29. Chadwick Rogers

    Chadwick Rogers20 giờ trước

    "her" not him. Tesseract Her Aether Necklace Orb Scepter T.H.A.N.O.S.

  30. Ryan Villanueva

    Ryan Villanueva21 giờ trước

    Whois thanos

  31. Potato Squad Skates

    Potato Squad Skates22 giờ trước

    I use pemdas for order of operations

  32. Ultra Vegito

    Ultra VegitoNgày trước

    i'll do you one better who is the soul stone? i'll do you one better why is the soul stone?

  33. Shaun Brotherton

    Shaun BrothertonNgày trước

    The soul stone is in hell aka vormeir

  34. RusticBB8

    RusticBB8Ngày trước

    who has the soul stone because if you haven't seen the movie don't read this but the soul stone Is given when you give up something you love but who had it before

  35. Sam Baroglio

    Sam BaroglioNgày trước

    There's no reason to get all wound up about it. Gonna have to dial someone for help. Maybe someone should set a timer to see how fast I do it. It's an egg timer.

  36. krish chandel

    krish chandelNgày trước

    13:26 Captain America stops Thanos' gauntlet because he is 99 and a virgin

  37. flamser655 hurt

    flamser655 hurtNgày trước

    Hill for h

  38. flamser655 hurt

    flamser655 hurtNgày trước


  39. Daniel Moore

    Daniel MooreNgày trước

    Red skull as the soul stone

  40. W Abc

    W AbcNgày trước

    I got cured of insomnia from the *first* thor back a few years ago... lol

  41. Avatar Eternal

    Avatar EternalNgày trước

    I high fived you, Mat.

  42. blu3 fox

    blu3 foxNgày trước

    Who else was mad that the first theory was not right

  43. Haris Mališević

    Haris Mališević2 ngày trước

    Well, this one came true... xD

  44. Moh Igfito

    Moh Igfito2 ngày trước

    the real where is the soul stone is on Vormir

  45. Jitay Kim

    Jitay Kim2 ngày trước

    Film Theory: Now That Stan Lee is Dead... Will Marvel Movies Suck?

  46. Miracle Tube

    Miracle Tube2 ngày trước

    Soul stone was with red skull

  47. dimo yoda

    dimo yoda2 ngày trước


  48. iigang cop

    iigang cop2 ngày trước

    The final stone is the mind stone

  49. kurumi tokisaki

    kurumi tokisaki3 ngày trước

    Thanos collected all of the infinity stones in the movie

  50. tuborednose

    tuborednose3 ngày trước

    The death heros are in the soul stone because when thanos snapped his finger he sees gamora in a O_R_A_N_G_E world but gamora is dead so the other dead heros might be there I MEAN WE KNOW THEY WILL BE BACK ANYWAYS I WAS EATING POPCORN BUT ALSO CRYING WHEN I SEE DR STRANGE AND SPIDERBOI DYING

  51. Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus4 ngày trước

    H is Hmmm

  52. It'z party time

    It'z party time4 ngày trước

    Thanos should not have thrown Gamora, COZZZZZZZZZZZ,I'm not sure if she loves her, I mean he loves the gauntlet more than Gamora SOOO THANOS throw your frickin GAUNTLET (edit hey hey save the Adam warlock theory for your Guardians of the galaxy vol.3 on 2020 so you only have 1 year to wait or if there are any end credit scenes in any movie next year start writing your script.)

  53. Kissa Dunham

    Kissa Dunham4 ngày trước

    3:17 The O in Thanos, don't you mean the Thanos in O??

  54. Sama Al Saad

    Sama Al Saad4 ngày trước

    Poor past pat Poor poor past pat He has no clue what’s coming

  55. Shadow Ninja

    Shadow Ninja4 ngày trước

    It’s funny how he was ring with the acronym for h but h is right in hydra

  56. Shadow Ninja

    Shadow Ninja4 ngày trước

    Wrong nit ring