Avengers' Josh Brolin Tries Out Different Voices for Thanos

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Josh Brolin tries out different voices for Thanos, and he talks about being mistaken for Josh Groban in Europe and filming Avengers: Infinity War.
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Avengers' Josh Brolin Tries Out Different Voices for Thanos

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  1. Unlimited Bro

    Unlimited Bro11 giờ trước

    Get EBF to do it lmao

  2. Corbin Gibbs

    Corbin Gibbs12 giờ trước

    I love how jimmy fallon gets paid to have a conversation.

  3. Poppin_F.A

    Poppin_F.A12 giờ trước

    Distiny will arrive killed me

  4. Joel Deakin

    Joel Deakin14 giờ trước

    Thicc boi

  5. SodaPop

    SodaPop15 giờ trước

    prepare to hear the fakest laugh ever @2:19

  6. Spazz .1

    Spazz .115 giờ trước

    Somebody needs to edit some thanos scenes with the second voice!

  7. AkshayanT

    AkshayanT17 giờ trước

    I still can't believe people think Killmonger is a better villain. Like get your racial prestige out of here and actually judge a villain by his presence, not skin colour. In before I get called racist and im half black.

  8. Abdidallas

    Abdidallas17 giờ trước

    Best Josh character though was in Men in Black III. If you seen the movie you know what I am talking about

  9. Poe Dameron

    Poe Dameron18 giờ trước

    The Valley Girl accent reminded me of Tim Gunn for some reason 😂

  10. Poe Dameron

    Poe Dameron18 giờ trước

    I need more of Valley Girl Thanos 😂

  11. Michael Pipkin

    Michael Pipkin18 giờ trước

    He doesn't like sitting.

  12. Fruitydc ri

    Fruitydc ri19 giờ trước

    Deadpool 2 as Cable he's dam good at it.

  13. BigHero6 Fanatic2004

    BigHero6 Fanatic200421 giờ trước


  14. Nayden

    Nayden21 giờ trước

    Thats a voice of a real Man right here

  15. Kevin Knight

    Kevin KnightNgày trước

    2018 new best meme :These does put a smile on my face. 😏

  16. B_side 86

    B_side 86Ngày trước

    The summer of brolin lmao

  17. Paul Cotton

    Paul CottonNgày trước

    Crazy this is the same guy that was in the goonies.

  18. DJ Mag

    DJ MagNgày trước

    Sorry destiny still arrives isn’t it that or am I going through the mandala effect

  19. DJ Mag

    DJ MagNgày trước

    Isn’t it destiny will arrive

  20. MEME GOD

    MEME GODNgày trước

    2:21 *CRINGE* that laugh was so fake agahagahab scmvkfmd

  21. Zer0Talent

    Zer0TalentNgày trước

    Jimmy Fallon is talented but Jesus Christ, next to Josh Brolin he seems like the little leagues


    KEVIN FEIGE P.G.A.Ngày trước

    *FUN FACT:* Tommy Wiseau was considering to play Thanos before Josh Brolin came in.

  23. Kevin M Abraham

    Kevin M AbrahamNgày trước

    This just in: Thanos is a fan of Destiny’s Child. When Thanos killed half the universe, you probably know which DESTINY’s Child he chose to killed 👀☕️ that’s the tea

  24. Douglas Keo

    Douglas KeoNgày trước

    I remember when this man played George w Bush


    KEVIN FEIGE P.G.A.Ngày trước

    Ryan Reynolds is up for a Trump movie.

  26. Chris Montes

    Chris MontesNgày trước

    that should be the cover poster if his character in no country for old men lived and made a sequel

  27. Morro’s Possesion

    Morro’s PossesionNgày trước


  28. 1too3for5six7ate

    1too3for5six7ateNgày trước

    Damn, that is one good-looking man, and that booty is incredible.

  29. Peter H

    Peter HNgày trước


  30. Pablo Cornelius

    Pablo CorneliusNgày trước

    2:17 just hate his fkn fake laughs


    KEVIN FEIGE P.G.A.Ngày trước

    I pee peed alot hearing that.

  32. George Feldkamp

    George FeldkampNgày trước

    3:21 😂😂😂

  33. Black Knight

    Black KnightNgày trước

    Jimmy is just copying Josh's jokes to try be funny

  34. Carlos Del Angel

    Carlos Del AngelNgày trước

    does Jimmy ever shut the fuck up for like 2 seconds so the guest can actually do their bit. It’s like he’s just waiting for them to open their mouth so he can jump in.

  35. Luiiisnick

    LuiiisnickNgày trước

    My god, Jimmy is unfunny...

  36. Craig Gibbons

    Craig GibbonsNgày trước

    Josh is such a TOP BLOKE

  37. Chris Holth

    Chris HolthNgày trước

    Jimmy...shut up

  38. Toxic Melody

    Toxic MelodyNgày trước

    He's been hanging around Deadpool too much lol.

  39. Al Beercore - Instrumental Beats

    Al Beercore - Instrumental BeatsNgày trước

    Get Josh into a mafia movie.

  40. Zerozone

    ZerozoneNgày trước

    *_T H A N U S'_*

  41. Zerozone

    ZerozoneNgày trước

    Celebrity: **breathes** Jimmy Fallon: 😂 😂 😂

  42. Faryza

    FaryzaNgày trước

    josh's thicc

  43. Afiq Khairul

    Afiq KhairulNgày trước

    3:07 OMG, Destiny will arrive

  44. Mortimer 023

    Mortimer 0232 ngày trước


  45. pLakado Prodaxons

    pLakado Prodaxons2 ngày trước


  46. Disney Watchers

    Disney Watchers2 ngày trước

    I loved all the voices he did!

  47. Poseidon Sze

    Poseidon Sze2 ngày trước

    Jimmy seriously need to stfu when guest is speaking.

  48. 8-BIT Ent.

    8-BIT Ent.2 ngày trước

    Jimmy, shut up dude. When the guest cracks a joke you don't need to IMMEDIATELY one up them AS THEIR JOKING

  49. Shr3kt

    Shr3kt2 ngày trước

    Heath Ledger’s Joker>Thanos

  50. Carl Leibrandt

    Carl Leibrandt2 ngày trước

    I don't think i've ever seen Jimmy NOT cut someone off when they're trying to speak

  51. Pooperscoo 101

    Pooperscoo 1012 ngày trước

    Josh Brolin really carries Jimmy Fallon in this video

  52. Nexis siempreaqui

    Nexis siempreaqui2 ngày trước

    Someone please tell Josh Brolin that he's the most gorgeous man in the galaxy


    KEVIN FEIGE P.G.A.Ngày trước

    Nexis siempreaqui You think if he does. He'll bring back our precious Avengers back?