Avengers' Josh Brolin Tries Out Different Voices for Thanos

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Josh Brolin tries out different voices for Thanos, and he talks about being mistaken for Josh Groban in Europe and filming Avengers: Infinity War.
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Avengers' Josh Brolin Tries Out Different Voices for Thanos

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  1. Rani Wishahy

    Rani WishahyNgày trước


  2. Goose R

    Goose R3 ngày trước

    2:20 Josh noticed his fake laugh.

  3. Sacrificial Lamb

    Sacrificial Lamb4 ngày trước

    He needs to play Arthur Morgan in an RDR2 movie

  4. Keemstars Lost son

    Keemstars Lost son5 ngày trước

    Thanos went sicko mode in avengers

  5. Abel Carrillo

    Abel Carrillo7 ngày trước

    The saddest thing is that Jimmy always thinks he's funnier that his guests.

  6. Isaiha James

    Isaiha James7 ngày trước

    3:07 XD

  7. contest of man

    contest of man8 ngày trước

    if you look closely he looks kinda like thanos in the face but he is not as tall

  8. peter papadimitriou

    peter papadimitriou8 ngày trước

    Can't wait for the next film

  9. Joey

    Joey10 ngày trước

    Wow this guy would be a really good actor for Thanos.

  10. Ov3rl0rd Hadi

    Ov3rl0rd Hadi10 ngày trước

    well i like brolin he is good actor

  11. Killmonger Battle Royale

    Killmonger Battle Royale10 ngày trước

    This should be called “Thanos tries voices for Josh Brolin”

  12. imrajkabir

    imrajkabir10 ngày trước

    Jimmy, retire pLease.

  13. Aiden Morelli

    Aiden Morelli10 ngày trước


  14. ivan anchondo

    ivan anchondo11 ngày trước

    Bruh why is jimmy even still hosting this

  15. Qamarsea North

    Qamarsea North11 ngày trước

    Honestly jimmy need to stfu

  16. The no talker

    The no talker12 ngày trước

    Ended game

  17. eyelovehotchips

    eyelovehotchips12 ngày trước

    I would have loved NY accent Thanos

  18. Daniel RJM

    Daniel RJM12 ngày trước

    This guys good he should play thanos

  19. F. G. III

    F. G. III12 ngày trước

    Wish I could hear the voices he does, but fallon won't shut up. Every time Brolin says that destiny quote, fallon has to tag along. Carson let the guest speak. Leno knew when to shut up. Letterman was a funny shark. Ferguson was a hilariously genuine interviewer. Conan is fucking funny. Corden is stale. Fallon is desperate. But what do I know, I'm just a youtube comment.

  20. Why in the world am I allowed such a long username

    Why in the world am I allowed such a long username12 ngày trước

    An intelligent youtube comment

  21. Prasanta Dutta

    Prasanta Dutta13 ngày trước

    He says the same joke in some other show (I don't remember which), but there he's called Josh Bore-lin instead of Josh Groban which he claims here. Kinda looks like the story is fabricated.

  22. Nestor Genito pisot

    Nestor Genito pisot13 ngày trước

    Damn ass Brolin

  23. Reiner Braun

    Reiner Braun14 ngày trước

    He actually looks like thanos lol

  24. arcaner

    arcaner15 ngày trước


  25. Adam Clarck

    Adam Clarck15 ngày trước

    His daughter Kathryn had a baby

  26. jake milani

    jake milani16 ngày trước

    jimmy fallon could be the most annoying talk show ever

  27. Bryan P

    Bryan P16 ngày trước

    Josh brolin seems like a chill dude. I thought he was an intergalactic sociopath.

  28. Chris B

    Chris B17 ngày trước

    Jimmy Fallon's white girl voice would have been great if it was thrown out.."ew destiny will arise" lol

  29. Riyad Rayshouny

    Riyad Rayshouny20 ngày trước


  30. Papo Canupai

    Papo Canupai21 ngày trước

    I hate jimmy doent respect any one the poor man tried take the frame but that fucker pulled it And kept blocking him when he was talking So annoying!FUCK U JIMMY PISSON

  31. nkwhite

    nkwhite25 ngày trước

    Again, Jimmy doesn't know when to shut the fuck up and let the guest have their moment. Nobody wants to fucking hear your voice

  32. Diego Borja

    Diego Borja26 ngày trước

    It’s more like ‘Thanos tries out voices for Josh Brolin’

  33. mishka kviriashvili

    mishka kviriashvili26 ngày trước

    What about Sicario 2 ?? : )))

  34. YO YO

    YO YO27 ngày trước

    Why does America allow this truly annoying moron host. He just can never ever shut up. Wow

  35. that Nigga

    that Nigga29 ngày trước

    3:08 sounds like tony

  36. Sandy The Mop

    Sandy The Mop29 ngày trước

    Jimmy ruins this show

  37. Nintendo Fanboy

    Nintendo FanboyTháng trước

    3:07 he sounds like the Flash in Justice League

  38. Jorge

    JorgeTháng trước

    Dang he looks like thanos

  39. Mashable

    MashableTháng trước

    Shut the duck up Jimmy

  40. Urs Truly TARUN

    Urs Truly TARUNTháng trước

    *_God.. Jimmy Is Soo.. Annoying.. 😒_*

  41. Fabian Barajas

    Fabian BarajasTháng trước

    Omg god destiny will f arrive 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. DownShot

    DownShotTháng trước


  43. Nic Cox

    Nic CoxTháng trước

    Jimmy Fallon back at it again with the fake laugh

  44. purvam Barvaliya

    purvam BarvaliyaTháng trước

    2:56 ...perfect voice

  45. la prince

    la princeTháng trước

    Endgame thanos

  46. Sathish Kumar

    Sathish KumarTháng trước

    Am I the only one think Jimmy the stupid host who is ruined the fun and depth of this guest speaking and wasted. 2.56 Destiny will arrive I'm dead🔥

  47. Zainab khan

    Zainab khanTháng trước

    At 2:20 Josh would be like , did I say something so funny? 🙄😑 ( Look at his face )

  48. joshuel david

    joshuel davidTháng trước

    The perfect thanos impression will only come from Josh Brolin

  49. Indominus Rex4221

    Indominus Rex4221Tháng trước

    Im surprised Jimmy is still alive after interrupting the mighty Thanos

  50. Spectrumpicture

    SpectrumpictureTháng trước

    id love to see Brolin and Christoph Waltz in a movie. Their mannerisms are so similar I think that they could play off each other well.

  51. nick999

    nick999Tháng trước

    Josh is still one of my favorite actors. From Brandon Walsh to Tom Chaney to Llewelyn Moss to G.W. Bush to Thanos. this man is TALENTED!!!