Assassin's Creed Odyssey: E3 2018 Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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Watch the world premiere of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey set in ancient Greece, a world rich with myths and legends!
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Embark on your journey from humble beginnings to living legend as Alexios or Kassandra. Customize your gear, upgrade your abilities, and personalize your ship on your path to becoming a Spartan hero.
From the heights of snowy mountain peaks to the depths of the Aegean Sea, explore an entire country full of untamed environments and cities at the peak of Greece’s Golden Age. Unexpected encounters will breathe life into your story as you meet colorful characters, battle vicious mercenaries, and more.
Your decisions shape the world around you with over 30 hours of choice dialogue and multiple game endings. Experience a living, dynamic world that constantly evolves and reacts to your every decision.
Show off your extraordinary warrior abilities and shift the tides of battle during one of the deadliest conflicts of the time, the Peloponnesian War. Charge into epic clashes between Sparta and Athens in big battles pitting 150v150 soldiers against each other.
Find uncharted locations, uncover hidden treasures, or fight your way through entire fleets in naval battles. Customize the look of your ship, upgrade weaponry to suit your strengths, and recruit crewmembers with unique perks, tailoring naval combat to your style.
Discover a world rich with myths and legends. From ancient rituals to famed statues, come face to face with Greece’s legendary figures and discover the true nature of mythological beasts like Medusa and the Minotaur.
Assassin's Creed Odyssey: E3 2018 Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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  1. Filip Badura

    Filip Badura11 giờ trước

    In my opinion ac origins and oddysey would be great base for new game but its too deviating from ac

  2. Nazrul Khandokar

    Nazrul Khandokar13 giờ trước

    just wow

  3. kasper lindholm

    kasper lindholm13 giờ trước

    Or its in 2019 that wulde bee hard

  4. kasper lindholm

    kasper lindholm14 giờ trước

    I hope the next assasin will bee the one were the Apple is explained

  5. Thomas Wang

    Thomas Wang15 giờ trước

    I want a super stealthy AC

  6. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump15 giờ trước

    This looks real good though id wish theyd go back to game releases every other year to give the games more time This looks like it could have been a dlc for origins Im still going to get it and i still have high hopes for it

  7. Spectral Gaming

    Spectral Gaming18 giờ trước

    Don't get me wrong, evolution of a game series is good, but the way it evolves definitely matters. Assassin's Creed is evolving in the wrong way.

  8. Spectral Gaming

    Spectral Gaming19 giờ trước

    Look mommy, it's a Choose Your own Adventure: Ryse Son of Rome!

  9. M.R.M Ziyard

    M.R.M Ziyard19 giờ trước

    will this sell well? As much as origins at least.

  10. Lion Chin

    Lion Chin19 giờ trước

    Seems like I have new game to pirate.

  11. xFireEyex

    xFireEyex22 giờ trước


  12. Anas Akram

    Anas AkramNgày trước


  13. Grigory Fazz

    Grigory FazzNgày trước

    Would’ve been a lot better if god of war (kratos) had a crossover with assassins creed

  14. Tarif Mallick

    Tarif MallickNgày trước

    I want prince of persia black Thorne

  15. M.R.M Ziyard

    M.R.M Ziyard19 giờ trước

    I don't think its coming back. How could a platformer like PoP work in 2018? And making it open world or something, kinda misses the point.

  16. Lil_ MELOn

    Lil_ MELOnNgày trước

    If this game goes more than $40 this game better have Mario in it or else... Nothing what can I do...

  17. ElijahProto

    ElijahProtoNgày trước

    Origins and Oddysey could have been a new title honestly

  18. Χρήστος Κνιαζίδης

    Χρήστος ΚνιαζίδηςNgày trước

    1st mistake U say greece not HELLAS in old time there was no greece only hellas FIX this

  19. Sythflux

    SythfluxNgày trước

    how to ruin the assassins creed franchise step 1:

  20. Gaming with Flamerguy

    Gaming with FlamerguyNgày trước

    i understand many fans of the game like the old assassin's creed with the brotherhood and better stealth...but don't people like a change once in a while, like maybe ubisoft will go back to their ways or maybe this is also somehow connected to the templars and the brotherhood....i personally feel a little change once in a while is preety good....although i am not really that happy with the rpg

  21. Omer Yuksel

    Omer YukselNgày trước

    Where is the stealth

  22. ᴘʜɪʟᴏsᴏᴘʜᴇʀ

    ᴘʜɪʟᴏsᴏᴘʜᴇʀNgày trước

    ubisoft: no creativity? lets copy ac origins

  23. Cardo Richard

    Cardo RichardNgày trước

    How many of these have they released; I’ve lost count.

  24. John Hanifin

    John HanifinNgày trước

    Just give me a kratos cameo or even a reference and I'll be happy

  25. Darshan Makwana

    Darshan MakwanaNgày trước

    Ooo wow... Assassins creed is back.. Assassins creed is the best game and better than ever

  26. Tee land

    Tee landNgày trước

    so main character can be anything now spartan next samurai?

  27. consicedisc

    consicedisc2 ngày trước

    If it’s anything like black flag I’m in

  28. Bryce BoiYT

    Bryce BoiYT2 ngày trước

    Hey Ubi could you make 2019's AC a dark ages Assassin's Creed, I think it'll be really cool, plus you have the protagonist halusenate or whatever to fight a dragon or discover why the Templars want to keep spreading the plauge even though they have an antidote

  29. pkwyc3_

    pkwyc3_2 ngày trước

    @ubisoft we need that ancient Rome next

  30. Jack Kivad

    Jack Kivad2 ngày trước

    300 game looks dope

  31. Charlie Fisher

    Charlie Fisher2 ngày trước

    Best game ever 👍

  32. The Golden Emperor

    The Golden Emperor3 ngày trước

    Multiplayer would still be cool it was fun before

  33. Riley Wolf

    Riley Wolf3 ngày trước

    I'm super excited for when this game comes out. I love ancient Greece. AC Origins was awesome, but this game promises to be even better. At least I think so.

  34. The Pro Gamer

    The Pro Gamer3 ngày trước

    Like this comment or reply if you think Ubisoft should go back to their roots and make a assassins creed on the Amerian Civil War. They haven't done one on the civil war yet and in my opinion it would be an awesome setting. The Confederates being the Templars and the Union, assassins and you are trying to stop the confederates in doing what they want. I just think it would be a great setting. I mean, AC3 was the american revolution, and that was a great game. They should take that and make a AC during the Civil war.

  35. Dark Link

    Dark Link3 ngày trước

    Assassin's creed origins : Ancient Egypt Assassin's creed odyssey : Ancient Greece ... Mythological proportions!!! The best stages to build awesome games!!!

  36. leo warrior

    leo warrior3 ngày trước

    if im correct i saw him holding a weapon of Eden (the broken spear/dagger looking thing)

  37. The Assassin

    The Assassin3 ngày trước

    Everyone is bored of AC. Why cant Ubisoft understand this simple thing? The game this Franchise killed(Prince of Persia) should have come back at E3. That would have taken Ubisoft back into Business! But no again the same thing. Im pretty bored of this and im not going to waste my money anymore on Ubisoft games untill i get to another POP game like WW or T2T. Simply a waste!

  38. M.R.M Ziyard

    M.R.M Ziyard3 ngày trước

    Assassins creed still sells a lot bro. PoP was never a really profitable game for ubi, and they have to get the license for that as well. AC is their own IP. Assassins creed has really got its mojo back after origins. AC is not boring and everybody is definitely not fed up with it. I don't think you've ever liked it, so your opinion doesn't matter.

  39. Muhammad Arslan

    Muhammad Arslan3 ngày trước

    Leonidas ... THIS IS SPARTA

  40. Gurcharan Singh

    Gurcharan Singh3 ngày trước

    ASSASSIN'S CREED-3 Starting Cutscene Video Can Proved that Next Assassin's Creed Set In Feudal Era Japan Out in 2019 beacuse 1) "Eye Of Horus" Is ASSASSIN's CREED-Origins Logo 2017 2) "Omega" Is ASSASSIN's CREED-Odyssey Logo 2018. And finally 3) "TORII" In ASSASSIN'S CREED-Feudal Japan in 2019 This Image Theory Comes True👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍

  41. Reverse Flash

    Reverse Flash3 ngày trước

    This doesn't even look like Assasin's creed anymore, Spartan armor with a spear and maybe Doesn't even Climb unto Buildings

  42. NaRRow YT

    NaRRow YT3 ngày trước

    hell nah it aint like ac anymore its like greek mythology god of war type of stuff

  43. Wally Whiskers

    Wally Whiskers4 ngày trước

    The Creed bloodline continues!😁✝💀

  44. Alex Qtr

    Alex Qtr4 ngày trước

    I loved this part of the trailer 1:11

  45. GlassTuber Studio's

    GlassTuber Studio's4 ngày trước

    I dont see any assassin here.... Im gonna pass this one... BRING BACK THE ASSASSIN... Not even hidden blade?

  46. GlassTuber Studio's

    GlassTuber Studio's4 ngày trước

    fanboy gamer No one care? HAH SAY THAT TO MY FACE there are many comment stating that there is no assassin in this one only name wich is why im angry they shoul change the name...

  47. Vasley Fiist

    Vasley Fiist4 ngày trước

    Elias Toufexis

  48. Chris Garcia

    Chris Garcia4 ngày trước

    i miss the old assassin's creed games

  49. Dimitrios Şengül

    Dimitrios Şengül4 ngày trước

    congratulations ubisoft finally you re making my country for game concept.

  50. Nader Abdullah

    Nader Abdullah5 ngày trước

    hey what happened to the trailers with one guy taking a whole army? :(

  51. Amin

    Amin5 ngày trước

    assassins creed 3 is back

  52. Amin

    Amin5 ngày trước

    this franchise fell off

  53. Almighty SW Gamer

    Almighty SW Gamer5 ngày trước

    Guys this game has nothing to do with the Assassin's Creed that we all love, they are just using AC title to sell this game.