ASMR Mcdonalds Vs Tim Hortons Breakfast Mukbang No Talking review below!

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In this ASMR Mukbang video I eat a four types of breakfast sandwiches on the left are a standard sausage mcmuffin, and a sausage mcgriddle from Mcdonalds. On the right are a sausage biscuit and sausage and egg croissant. ASMR No talking video.
As for the ratings of the 4 sandwiches.
overall #1 Was the Tim Hortons sausage and egg croissant had the best texture flavor with the soft chewy croissant being the highlight! they could have used a real cracked egg and made if perfect.
#2 was the Sausage mcmuffin for the sausage flavor and the cracked egg. the bread was a bit hard though
#3 The Sausage McGriddle had good texture but flavors salty umame flavours were lost with the sweetness of he syrup infused pancake taking over too much.
#4 Still great but the biscuit was a bit dry to the palate. along with the eggs not being freshly cracked. the flavor of the sausages at Tim Hortons are really hitting home runs though!

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there is NO TALKING at all only eating sounds!!
Please let me know if you have any ideas of things I can eat on camera to give different ASMR sound experiences.

For my next hot pepper Challenge I have 3 Carolina Reaper Plants and will be attempting the world record for eating as many as I can in under 1 min! I will shoot that video soon. I will do that video also with talking though but in one shot weighing the peppers on camera and everything!
The current Guiness World record is 120 grams in 1 minute.
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