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  1. Angelic Felon

    Angelic Felon4 tháng trước

    Im just scrolling and I needed to stop and say thank you 🙌 for your videos. Check out mine when you can. Id love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Michael Blum

    Michael Blum7 tháng trước

    Hey, my name is Michael. Just discovered your channel. Great stuff!

  3. nahuel torres harnisch

    nahuel torres harnischNăm trước

    i.o.i sm

  4. Lauren Liu

    Lauren LiuNăm trước


  5. Exotic and Sugary Unicorn

    Exotic and Sugary UnicornNăm trước

    Dear SM, please take care of all your trainees. Thank you!

  6. nahuel torres harnisch

    nahuel torres harnischNăm trước


  7. mimi army

    mimi armyNăm trước


  8. Rosmari Francisco

    Rosmari FranciscoNăm trước

    Por favor quiero a Onew de regreso.... te extrañamos mucho por favor :)

  9. lj lee

    lj leeNăm trước

    Be kind to my Baekhyun plz.......

  10. Black Jesus

    Black JesusNăm trước

    f(x) comeback!!!

  11. Siti Alifatul Hasanah

    Siti Alifatul HasanahNăm trước

    SM must add subtitle. this account got 12 M subscriber but you just got 7-9 M million for yor artist.

  12. mi dea

    mi deaNăm trước

    Trust f(x) they will do amazing

  13. mi dea

    mi deaNăm trước

    Pls give them a (proper) comeback

  14. mi dea

    mi deaNăm trước

    We miss f(X) so much

  15. mi dea

    mi deaNăm trước

    Give F(x) comeback pls

  16. Freedom Xin

    Freedom XinNăm trước

    SM please give F(X) the comebacks they deserve!!!! You've been promoting so much about the other rookies and neglected the veterans groups. Just let them have a comeback already

  17. 井上 千春

    井上 千春Năm trước

    HAH!! Why you changed thumbnails of TVXQ!'s old MVs became just Yunho and Changmin?????? You wanna erase those three in TVXQ! history so much?????? HAHAHAHA (don't bother my English grammar or so on.)

  18. Y Ks

    Y KsNăm trước

    actually f(x) is very famous but why they have the least resources, sm put all effort in red velvet

  19. Y Ks

    Y KsNăm trước

    f(x) COMEBACK!!

  20. Chiken little

    Chiken littleNăm trước

    SM why not make a big girl group by recruiting idols from disbanded groups like kara, tara, sistar, crayon pop, afterschool, etc to revive their career.... make international concerts, let them cover their hit songs, make a streamed variety show, build a theater just like what akb48 is doing. it will be instant hit and you can profit from them. it will give your company positive image and you will have a lot of amazing talented girls. just imagine them all in one concert it will be a hit

  21. Sui-Lin Foster

    Sui-Lin FosterNăm trước

    still waiting for an F(x) comeback...


    JAIRUS BOYNăm trước


  23. Thuwaibah Algahim

    Thuwaibah AlgahimNăm trước

    we want exo show time

  24. Thuwaibah Algahim

    Thuwaibah AlgahimNăm trước


  25. Thuwaibah Algahim

    Thuwaibah AlgahimNăm trước


  26. Thuwaibah Algahim

    Thuwaibah AlgahimNăm trước


  27. Thuwaibah Algahim

    Thuwaibah AlgahimNăm trước

    안녕하세요, 우리는 exo 팬입니다. 우리는 엑소가 너무 좋아. Hello, we are an exo fan. We like exo very much. مرحبا نحن مشجعين اكسو نحن نحب اكسو كثيرا 你好,我们是外派粉丝 我们非常喜欢外向 হ্যালো, আমরা একটি exo ভক্ত হয় আমরা exo খুব পছন্দ করি สวัสดีเราเป็นแฟน ๆ ของ exo เราชอบ exo มาก

  28. exodus

    exodusNăm trước

    no matter how much exo achieved i believe they could do more

  29. exodus

    exodusNăm trước

    when you wake up tell me i'll be right here waiting for exo cause i'm loyal fan

  30. exodus

    exodusNăm trước

    sm is still standing cauze of exo and old exo-l start to get mad like me we are living on the exo showtime from 2013 and we barely can see them having fun and playing together this little wish you can't granted we don't believe you anymore sm cuze of that a lot of kpop fans who could be exo's fans left exo for groups like bts

  31. exodus

    exodusNăm trước

    oh i'm sorry sm can't even speak english it focus on the domestic market and she serves them with new group each couple years cauze what it matters to gain more and not durability

  32. exodus

    exodusNăm trước

    if you go on bankrupt i wont get surprised

  33. exodus

    exodusNăm trước

    sm is such a dumb and trash company when it realise that its old strategy is not working anymore when it realise that she should give each one what he deserve

  34. exodus

    exodusNăm trước

    i mean we are in new generation when you have to show up a lot and focus on the fans wishes like new companies are trying to do like bighit yet sm chose to change its logo

  35. exodus

    exodusNăm trước

    is funny how you changed the logo but you didn't change your style of management

  36. exodus

    exodusNăm trước

    i didn't like the outfits it looks like their stylist is very norrow minded and doesn't know how to match the outfits i'm really mad cauz when you see blackpink stylist and how much yg spend on their look i don't want to compare but how can their stylist and sm treat them like this i mean i knov that they also buy expansive clothes but they don't know how to use it they don't have those little fashion tricks i mean she's taking the thing literally cauz their name is red velvet so i'm gonna search red cloths on google buy those things ang give it to them without matching it to their body i mean she could buy printed ones instead of those fully red

  37. sofia fondente

    sofia fondenteNăm trước

    hi everyone, i don't know how to do it and what words should i use? but anyway i try.... this is for you EXO guys, you are really amazing and i admire you so much! you were the first and the last asian group that hit and sunk my heart the first time i saw you and it happened just 1 month ago... and with you began also my love for south korea too. I consider half of myself part of EXO-L but the biggest part of me it belongs to my land italy and to you guys. Infact for this i have a dream, i would see you and talk to you one more time but in particular a would share with you land and culture(i'll teach tou my language) and also i would learn more about your culture too. My dream is to be a music menager or a writer, for this reason i would know more about you about your work your life but only for me its only my curiosity. I wrote here because i don't know how to write you directly even if i don't know you recive it. So my wish is to see you and work with you as well. keep it up!! you are great guys!!! Jeongmal gamsahamnida!!! annyeong!! CIAO!!!

  38. en abdo

    en abdoNăm trước

    To SM Entertainment Company: We Exo-l ask you to do a real entertainment program for Exo where they show their personalities to all, showing their different aspects of the manly side and nice and fun. Please, please do not upload Exot music videos on SMTOWN and upload them on their own channel. And we ask you to announce it to everyone to know it as you announced on their official page on social networking sites. We want a channel for Exo not shared by anyone, Exo are not a band of beginners they are a global band and that's why we want them to have their own channel. Please reply to.

  39. ria fitriani

    ria fitrianiNăm trước

    Girls Generation Comeback

  40. Kaisoo's child

    Kaisoo's childNăm trước

    Are EXO having a Christmas comeback?

  41. ebuxo

    ebuxoNăm trước

    Your music is inspiring.

  42. más nctzen que persona xd

    más nctzen que persona xdNăm trước


  43. Ingrid Blanck

    Ingrid BlanckNăm trước

    SM may debut hot stars and be one of the biggest companies in Korea, but their management is TRASH That's why many of our dearest idols leave the agency, even having to deal with lawsuits and censorship (yeah, SM doesn't allow their ex idols to promote in music shows if they sign with other agencies). Anything is better than to have a frustrating "career" under this terrible management.

  44. Thara

    TharaNăm trước

    You guys changed your logo haha ;')

  45. excuse me,

    excuse me,Năm trước

    sm I see you change ur dp~

  46. Myemim

    MyemimNăm trước

    Red Velvet Fighting

  47. shoto todoroki

    shoto todorokiNăm trước

    exo are the best

  48. K - Pop - K

    K - Pop - KNăm trước

    When are the teasers for Super Junior's comeback going to be released? ELF are sick of waiting now.

  49. YixingLove wifeu

    YixingLove wifeuNăm trước

    Dear,SM please let Lay participate in ELYXION let him perform the sheep.... Also please let EXO go and tour around the world they had the most unbeatable and sweet voice that even the old ones will love it..let them have their mini concert i konw they will become bigger and bigger..THANK YOU

  50. ythxh66.6

    ythxh66.6Năm trước