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We got five guys to eat five guys at five guys burger and fries. Come on our journey as we explore the entire menu in one sitting. Let's be honest, someone needed to do it.
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  1. HellthyJunkFood

    HellthyJunkFood19 ngày trước

    Did anyone get a count on the amount of innuendos?

  2. Typical Prince-x

    Typical Prince-x2 ngày trước

    9:26 THICC

  3. Super Moosie

    Super Moosie14 ngày trước

    69? EYYYY... get it?! 🤣😎

  4. Tike Manski

    Tike Manski15 ngày trước

    And an S-word while describing Subway bacon :l and it was awesome.

  5. Baby Toddler Kid Videos - Songs, Learning, & Toys

    Baby Toddler Kid Videos - Songs, Learning, & Toys15 ngày trước

    HellthyJunkFood 🤔🤔

  6. Janelle Evans

    Janelle Evans15 ngày trước

    Have The Cheesecake Factory sponsor JP'S Birthday Bash. You can invite all of your friends and definitely get through everything on the menu.

  7. penguinxphreak

    penguinxphreak16 giờ trước

    Didnt like the innuendos to the girl.. not that funny

  8. CHITOWN buck638

    CHITOWN buck63821 giờ trước

    Did she say 5guys going in his mouth😂😂😂

  9. Frank Tinarwo

    Frank TinarwoNgày trước

    At 9:29 look in the backround

  10. Mark Teague

    Mark TeagueNgày trước

    Should have did the bacon cheeseburger with the buns done like a grilled cheese.


    KAII GODLYNgày trước

    That one guy with the squeaky voice was such a weirdo honestly he was the odd one out

  12. Bill Cosby

    Bill CosbyNgày trước

    It was funny but kind of creeped out....

  13. Lin David

    Lin David2 ngày trước

    *im just making shit up* 0w0 JP, What.

  14. tyler ullman

    tyler ullman2 ngày trước

    I remember when I came inside of five guys one time. It was good.

  15. TheLegendOfTat

    TheLegendOfTat2 ngày trước

    She likes half the meat lol

  16. Patricia Jámiele

    Patricia Jámiele2 ngày trước

    I honestly I love 5 guys SOOOO MUCH the quality of food is AMAZING

  17. Typical Prince-x

    Typical Prince-x2 ngày trước

    9:26 damn boy she THICC

  18. Mark Johnston

    Mark Johnston2 ngày trước

    I just can't imagine them having sex together! 🤔 😂 LOL

  19. Typical Prince-x

    Typical Prince-x2 ngày trước

    I don't like the high sexual tension I got while watching this video😕

  20. Fernanda Ortiz

    Fernanda Ortiz3 ngày trước

    My mom woreked at five guys she always brot me food

  21. laynetx1

    laynetx13 ngày trước

    The fries, what about the fries?! All you said was about how many you get - these fries are the BEST I've ever had!! I can't get enough of them!!!

  22. Barney Rubble

    Barney Rubble3 ngày trước

    Said about 50 times not interested in this and it keeps coming back. Damn youtube is fucked up.

  23. Sawyer Wells

    Sawyer Wells3 ngày trước

    Giant sushi please please please please please please please please please

  24. Buffalo Gal 913

    Buffalo Gal 9134 ngày trước

    Best hamburgers ever - only burgers I will buy and the french fries are beyond excellent. No I don't work there and no I am not related!

  25. Alex Villavert

    Alex Villavert4 ngày trước

    I miss you guys saying “one bite, for the health of it” ☹️☹️ who’s with me!!!!!

  26. Jonathan Hernandez

    Jonathan Hernandez4 ngày trước

    That fifth guy was kinda hot....Couldnt quite put my finger on why though???🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  27. Christian Monreal

    Christian Monreal4 ngày trước

    Francis lol

  28. Luis González

    Luis González5 ngày trước

    That guy talks like a 12 years old kid 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Matt Troutman

    Matt Troutman5 ngày trước

    those guys are 5 years old

  30. Moises Gonzalez

    Moises Gonzalez5 ngày trước

    is this supposed to be a sexual video

  31. Vincent Minucci

    Vincent Minucci6 ngày trước

    Those guys are gross. Sorry Julia (and all of us) had to be subjected to that

  32. Keydoor

    Keydoor7 ngày trước

    If you don't eat vegetables of course the veggie burger is gonna be nasty to you.

  33. Jonathan P.

    Jonathan P.7 ngày trước

    9:30 background kinda thick

  34. Jo R

    Jo R7 ngày trước

    I have a problem I don't like bacon

  35. im Sayintho

    im Sayintho8 ngày trước

    She said five guys going in your mouth

  36. Nerdified Pear

    Nerdified Pear8 ngày trước

    2:40 well that was awkward

  37. Elite Peruvian

    Elite Peruvian9 ngày trước

    “I wlll do 6 guys right now”

  38. Kawaii Food

    Kawaii Food9 ngày trước

    Wow *FIVE* guys is going in his mouth 1:49

  39. GameOverOmer 05

    GameOverOmer 059 ngày trước

    Do entire menu of baskin robbins please

  40. Issa Wild Kyle

    Issa Wild Kyle9 ngày trước

    Those old greasy guys are annoying

  41. Christiana Johnson

    Christiana Johnson9 ngày trước

    And he said a** 🤔🤫🤫🤫

  42. Christiana Johnson

    Christiana Johnson9 ngày trước

    Jp said sh*t oof

  43. Fortnitegamerxp3000

    Fortnitegamerxp30009 ngày trước

    Those bigger guys are pervs

  44. Alvin, phoebe Boscoe blaise and rose

    Alvin, phoebe Boscoe blaise and rose10 ngày trước

    Can you order everything at chipotle So every meat every bean every rice just EVERYTHING

  45. Alvin, phoebe Boscoe blaise and rose

    Alvin, phoebe Boscoe blaise and rose10 ngày trước

    If u do use it pls shoutout

  46. Michelle Patterson

    Michelle Patterson10 ngày trước


  47. L

    L10 ngày trước

    Julia reminds me of Evangeline lily for some reason

  48. Evilactions

    Evilactions11 ngày trước

    Julia looked like she was related to cousin It from the Adams Family.

  49. BE4ST_4life _

    BE4ST_4life _11 ngày trước

    Am i the only guy that whenever i find something funny in a video i always check the comments

  50. bigj2637

    bigj263711 ngày trước

    Those two guys wearing collared shirts look like they just got done playing at a church concert.

  51. Kelani 51

    Kelani 5111 ngày trước

    5:25 was he looking at her ass?

  52. Sakiyeh Walker

    Sakiyeh Walker11 ngày trước

    Wow that's deep lot's of calories l like enjoy there food nice hahaha.

  53. sushi ninja

    sushi ninja11 ngày trước

    I'm pretty sure Subway bacon comes out of a package already cooked...thats why its floppy

  54. Lavar Edwards

    Lavar Edwards11 ngày trước

    lmao, "She likes half the meat".....right over your head bud :)

  55. Johnny P

    Johnny P12 ngày trước

    I why does y’all five guys have more options than mine. Mine doesn’t have hotdogs

  56. Hawks 95

    Hawks 9512 ngày trước

    Those guys don’t get laid