The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

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'The Upside' star Kevin Hart tries out the material he was preparing for the Oscars ceremony.
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    THE ENTERTAINER TRA21 giờ trước

    Love this dude we are all Over it !

  2. The Kid Kid

    The Kid Kid21 giờ trước

    I want to dislike because Colbert is a smug asshole but I want to like because Kevin Hart is amazing

  3. Chip yard

    Chip yard21 giờ trước

    Social sciences influence government, law, policy, courts, media, news, TV shows; YET, Social Science changes their views drastically every decade or so. Watch the Joe Rogan episode where he talks to 'Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay' - much of social science 'academia' is completely fabricated to uphold certain views/narratives.

  4. Meeeksss

    Meeeksss22 giờ trước

    Kevin is funny.. truthfully the gay jokes were not even that bad. This new culture of dragging people over their past is getting ridiculous. He is obviously not that person anymore. People are such hypocrites.

  5. Brian Kelley

    Brian Kelley22 giờ trước

    Kevin Hart’s entry Music....😂😂😂😂

  6. creative media

    creative media23 giờ trước

    He DiD APOLOGiZED !!! OK ?????

  7. Barrie Moore

    Barrie Moore23 giờ trước

    I know I’m over it ! 🙄

  8. Rebecca Fucking White

    Rebecca Fucking White23 giờ trước

    People 😂😂Go find something to do 😃😤😤😠 there is more important shit in the world happening 😤

  9. Saravana Subramanian

    Saravana SubramanianNgày trước

    I felt like Steven was predetermined to attack Kevin. That moment when the audience agreed with Kevin, Steven's reaction... priceless!

  10. U.S. Constitution

    U.S. ConstitutionNgày trước

    I don't know Kevin politico views but Kevin is right who in the hell what there sons or daughters be gay. Screw these Hollywood Elites/Government Anti-GOD Anti-Family Morals, Anti-America Liberals that promote and protect pedophiles, child abuse and perversion.

  11. Saravana Subramanian

    Saravana SubramanianNgày trước


  12. OneManShow

    OneManShowNgày trước

    People don’t understand what an apology is. An apology is a guilty plea. People don’t want your apology so they can forgive and forget... they want to bypass the trial and get down to execution. They want you to bow your head before they chop it off.

  13. Jarvious Hicks

    Jarvious HicksNgày trước

    Such a smart person

  14. NexisFilms

    NexisFilmsNgày trước

    Daniel Tosh for Oscar host !

  15. Lamont Hyatt

    Lamont HyattNgày trước


  16. Nocturnal Ron

    Nocturnal RonNgày trước

    Not trying to be a dick but do you think Kevin Hart is funny? I thought he was funny in 40 year old Virgin but, that was about it.

  17. yidy1

    yidy1Ngày trước


  18. Dissident101

    Dissident101Ngày trước

    He ain't wrong, a meme ended Bill Cosbys career.

  19. Sonny Etchell

    Sonny EtchellNgày trước

    I think he would have been hilarious as the host but at the same time i respect his decision

  20. ddland45

    ddland45Ngày trước

    People need to get over themselves and learn to not take every minor affront so seriously. Laugh sometimes...

  21. abongile mgaqelwa

    abongile mgaqelwaNgày trước

    Good for you Kevin Hart. Some people are energy vampires, they want to suck every little bit of energy out of you. 🐴Holes

  22. tipology

    tipologyNgày trước

    4:31 classic kev. Loved that part 😂😂😂 “OKEHH, ALRIGHT OKEHH”

  23. Jono Esquirryl

    Jono EsquirrylNgày trước

    Five minutes of my life spent watching a guy apologising for something I knew and still know absolutely nothing about …

  24. Julian Williams

    Julian WilliamsNgày trước

    Absolutely not. We don't want it.

  25. Lou Sal

    Lou SalNgày trước

    Well said, Kevin, totaly agreed.

  26. Marks Videos

    Marks VideosNgày trước

    I'm surprised that Kevin Hart went on Stephen Colbert's show. Not only is Colbert is part of the Hollywood Snowflake media, he is the head of the snake. I don't think Kevin understands who the real enemy is. The Hollywood media has to be alienated by the rest of society in order for this political correctness and "Me Too" aura to die out.

  27. Ruben Negret

    Ruben NegretNgày trước

    click bait

  28. Space Tase

    Space TaseNgày trước


  29. James Zgorzelski

    James ZgorzelskiNgày trước

    I used to think I didn't like Kevin Hart going back a couple years. I really like the dude now. ESPECIALLY now that he's pissing off SJWs

  30. Human Being of Planet Earth

    Human Being of Planet EarthNgày trước

    anyone else noticing a trend of the world running out of new entertainment so when anyone talented comes around we put them on the biggest pedestal possible but when we over flood the gates with entertainers we start entertaining ourselves with how were going to ruin their careers, i say we as a species because WE do this a lot

  31. old Red back

    old Red backNgày trước


  32. Zafeer Anuar

    Zafeer AnuarNgày trước

    I just wanna throw a glass at stephen’s face

  33. Olivia K

    Olivia KNgày trước

    His pronunciation of Meryl is my favorite

  34. Sandra valfritt

    Sandra valfrittNgày trước

    Its not over until the people you have hurt feel that its over. If i punch you, and you want me to apologize, and you do a half-ass attempt at it and then just go "im over it! its over! im done with it!" - then that does not mean its ok. You are not the one that decides that.

  35. Sandra valfritt

    Sandra valfrittNgày trước

    Bu-fucking-hu, he is such a dork.

  36. Joseph van Wyk

    Joseph van WykNgày trước

    Oh brother. Stephen has become such a knob. Americans must be getting lead-poisoning.

  37. supastar

    supastarNgày trước

    I was so happy his new movie got to Number one on opening weekend

  38. BrothersInHumanity1

    BrothersInHumanity1Ngày trước

    Kevin hart is deluded, your a entertainer. Simple as that

  39. Styneslad

    StynesladNgày trước

    this was ten years ago. image how many gay jokes we would of made 10 years ago? this was an attack nothing else.

  40. Wilson Irakoze

    Wilson IrakozeNgày trước

    Kevin's corked eye

  41. Saksha Verma

    Saksha VermaNgày trước

    I really thought he was going to host after watching Ellen.

  42. Ango Gobloggian

    Ango GobloggianNgày trước

    The video starts at 5:12 everything before that is Stephen asking about his twitter comments

  43. hengofthrones

    hengofthronesNgày trước

    Why kevin on stage dressed as a pistachio nut?

  44. Nicko 1J soarer

    Nicko 1J soarerNgày trước

    Funny bad hes a shit dad and husband ☻💩👣

  45. Agra Nam

    Agra NamNgày trước

    Wow must be awkward for Cuckbert because his bosses want him to please the shitty LGBT community while not offending the people who side with Kevin Hart as well 😂

  46. AngeredFox

    AngeredFoxNgày trước

    This is the sort of insanity that happens right before a nation implodes on itself. Everyone worry about something a celebrity tweeted 10 years ago instead of all the horrible real issues facing us right now.

  47. jams4041

    jams4041Ngày trước

    He can't move that fast wit dem tight ass pants on. How bout this one "I apologize but if you don't like it Fu@K You".

  48. G94

    G94Ngày trước

    despicable that you would have someone homophobic on your show! typical hollywood always looking after it's own scum.

  49. ParadigmRabbit

    ParadigmRabbitNgày trước

    Can we get a campaign going to get an apology to Hart from the media editors behind their adorable writers? Honestly.

  50. ParadigmRabbit

    ParadigmRabbitNgày trước

    A conversation between Hart and an someone who seems to be made into an Oscar PR temp, on what looks like a talk show, in front of the general public, the radicals, and the media machine. A comedian’s best ammo is logic. Go Hart.