The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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  1. Heather Holley

    Heather Holley3 giờ trước

    I can tell you right now I purchased my mattress on wayfair. It came in a box like Casper and was only $200. It’s the best thing I’ve ever slept on. Idk know the brand but it does say aloe Vera on it.

  2. Charles Francis

    Charles Francis3 giờ trước

    What about those "Purple" mattresses? Are THEY a rip-off too? Or did I just answer my own question!

  3. Dr. Tonio

    Dr. Tonio3 giờ trước

    yo is season two on netflix yet?

  4. Oleksii Kudin

    Oleksii Kudin3 giờ trước

    Contents of this video do not reflect my first thought upon reading thumbnail's title "Adam ruins mattresses" - total clickbait, reported

  5. McSoi

    McSoi3 giờ trước

    There are so many mattress stores I totally believe the conspiracy that some are laundering tons of money. I mean when have you ever seen someone in a mattress store or been in one other than just to browse. How often do people even buy mattresses? No way there is enough demand to require like 8 "Mattress Firms" In a ten mile radius?

  6. Brad Parker

    Brad Parker4 giờ trước

    This doesn't change anything. After watching this I'm just back to square 1 of "oh darn mattresses are expensive"

  7. Dana Baryckyj

    Dana Baryckyj4 giờ trước

    Buzzfeed unsolved gettin' called tf out!

  8. BelzecTheSecond

    BelzecTheSecond4 giờ trước

    mattress review

  9. Kyore

    Kyore4 giờ trước

    Mattresses suck balls dude, No joke just sleep on the floor.

  10. NoraLeonie

    NoraLeonie4 giờ trước

    IKEA - what about their mattresses?

  11. Oliver Kurzweg

    Oliver Kurzweg4 giờ trước

    In Germany a store owner came up with the idea of making his own after being fed up with all the bullshit of the suppliers. Called it anti cartel mattress. Instantly won in neutral tests, had the same quality as multi thousand euro premium ones for a couple hundred bucks. He was bombarded with lawsuits and even direct sabotage with foam suppliers suddenly sending dirty foam to his small new factory or dropping out of delivering directly. He still sells them. Under a different name - caused by a lawsuit filed by the very mattress cartel he fought against.

  12. Ridheesh

    Ridheesh4 giờ trước

    Buy it from another country and get it shipped there.

  13. Nerobyrne

    Nerobyrne5 giờ trước

    joke's on them I'll just sleep on the floor!

  14. CM99501

    CM995015 giờ trước

    Some of his episodes are a joke and totally off base. The Gun Control one was horrid.

  15. spyderwalk

    spyderwalk5 giờ trước

    I just sleep in a hammock :)

  16. guiro karavartanian

    guiro karavartanian5 giờ trước

    Adam keeps exposing difference instances of bad practices instead of targeting the source of the real problem..capitalism..i mean you can't exhaust all of the infinite possibilities..just aim at the root

  17. Taylor Crawford

    Taylor Crawford5 giờ trước

    Adam can sleep on rocks

  18. Devon James

    Devon James5 giờ trước

    So I guess I’m just gonna buy my mattresses from habitat for humanity/goodwill now 🤔

  19. K K

    K K5 giờ trước

    Everything was fine except the part about comparison shopping when buying online. Most of the online companies provide you with a trial period during which you can return the mattress.

  20. Thomas

    Thomas5 giờ trước

    I think I know why Adam didn't mention Purple; he can't ruin it.

  21. Hodmokrin

    Hodmokrin5 giờ trước

    His hair just ruined my day.

  22. Joel Rosario

    Joel Rosario5 giờ trước

    Yea. You’re 90% wrong. But good try.

  23. favixthings

    favixthings6 giờ trước

    yep, and that is why I sleep on the floor!

  24. Zodayn

    Zodayn6 giờ trước

    I'd say just buy whatever you felt was comfortable and fits your budget.

  25. bobby fletcher

    bobby fletcher6 giờ trước

    another unfunny zionist wanker using his oath to his advantage. tick tok

  26. Martin Wrene

    Martin Wrene6 giờ trước

    Go to ikea

  27. Robert Bettin

    Robert Bettin6 giờ trước

    This entire show is one steaming pile of leftist lies. Look it up yourselves people.

  28. Zurgo Pussysmasher

    Zurgo Pussysmasher6 giờ trước

    I see Freddy Mercury has been reincarnated into a mattress con artist.

  29. Jaron H

    Jaron H6 giờ trước

    The chick looks like someone put Anna Farris in the microwave

  30. Ching chong Ching chong Bitch

    Ching chong Ching chong Bitch6 giờ trước

    I feel so smart when I pass on this information as my own.

  31. Mike Sharpelletti

    Mike Sharpelletti7 giờ trước

    Seems like adam ruins everything is running out of topics

  32. shala esparrago

    shala esparrago7 giờ trước

    3:08 uhh... what.

  33. Dj pittster

    Dj pittster7 giờ trước

    No wonder I can't sleep

  34. ranz gaña

    ranz gaña7 giờ trước

    That podcast sketch

  35. Harvey's snippets

    Harvey's snippets7 giờ trước

    We have a different mattress company in orlando where they make it here

  36. chaos120m

    chaos120m8 giờ trước

    Except half his facts are cherry picked the other half easily debunked bullshit. No I didn't watch the video I just think he is a assclown

  37. Gursimran Singh

    Gursimran Singh8 giờ trước

    Ha! Found a website that delivers all the parts for a mattress. Customized my own mattress and got a latex topper off amazon. (Queen) All for $400. Then learned a ton, ordered for my parents and got them a king for $380. Same type of mattress is over 1500 since it’s a layered 3” high density foam(firm), 1” memory foam in middle, 2” latex on top. They love it!

  38. Vacnol

    Vacnol8 giờ trước

    Ahhh, that lil meme at the end was great. Nice job.

  39. LaughingMan.EXE

    LaughingMan.EXE8 giờ trước

    I'm actually surprised I didn't see a reference to how Casper created Purple attack reviews from that site, made fake videos, then Purple won the lawsuit.

  40. Mic Schoon

    Mic Schoon8 giờ trước


  41. Kyle Trew

    Kyle Trew8 giờ trước

    I got mine from Ikea, 350$ pocket spring pretty happy

  42. idontlikejuice

    idontlikejuice9 giờ trước

    This matress has a copy of Half Life Thr- *SOLD*

  43. jeyser 1206

    jeyser 12069 giờ trước

    lol mfw i wouldnt have even thought about this.

  44. Evi1M4chine

    Evi1M4chine9 giờ trước

    In Germany, we have a guy who sells the “anti-cartel mattress” (Anti-Kartell-Matratze) for exactly this reason. He gets harassed quite a lot by the cartel, always only proving his point. While his mattress tests the best our official consumer product quality testing foundation (Stifung Warentest) has ever tested, for 10 years straight. At about ⅓ of the price. They last way longer too, as big mattress manufacturers intentionally use low-quality foams that break down in a matter of 2-5 years, no matter their density, even though much better foams are available.

  45. Guard Scorpion VII

    Guard Scorpion VII9 giờ trước

    My life is a lie 0>0

  46. Evan Padula

    Evan Padula9 giờ trước

    how did they get permission to film this in a mattress store xD

  47. Adam.M M

    Adam.M M9 giờ trước

    We got a purple and do love it. The platform didnt squeak but after a few months it did just like any other.

  48. Jay Steg

    Jay Steg9 giờ trước

    Wonder when Adam is going to ruin the IRS

  49. Fudzbo

    Fudzbo10 giờ trước

    Purchased a memory foam mattress from a foam place in my state. Spent around 300 on it a few years ago for a queen. Feels just as nice as the day I got it. Although, my time in the Military has made me able to sleep just about anywhere, so take my experience with a grain of salt.

  50. Madwolf 096

    Madwolf 09610 giờ trước

    I thought the suit guy was the guy from that movie where the guy says no one is chasing you at the end scrne(forgot the name)