The ASMR Sleep Clinic | Tingle Experiment

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Hello everybody :) Welcome back to the sleep clinic! Let's test some triggers on you today and see what works for you.
(10 points to whoever can recognize what the background is from in the exam room LOL it's so hard to find a ~futuristic~ room that isn't blinding white)
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  1. Jerry Kansey

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  2. Aiden Beekman

    Aiden Beekman19 giờ trước

    So im laying here haff asleep the an ad for trogen condoms pops up 😐

  3. Destineys world

    Destineys world20 giờ trước

    Gibi looks Iike she’s getting sleepy off her own asmr video! You know it works then!

  4. SilverSkylark

    SilverSkylarkNgày trước

    Why does this have subtitles? Doesn't ASMR require listening to the audio?

  5. Crystal Rodríguez

    Crystal RodríguezNgày trước

    I. Loved. This. Video. 💖‼️

  6. CyborgCreeper Playz

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    Nicki nurseNgày trước

    Someone needs to do ASMR vid with that blue light in background that doesnt effect melatonin levels like usual computer light does....thx for considering this & for all your vids!

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    You make my dick so hard

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    Russian sleep experiment

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    The shivers in mah body

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    I really wanted to watch this but the talking was to loud rather then whispering other then that it was great

  12. Vozz RoZe

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    Pleas use the mechanical keyboard more often 😍😍😍💤

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    orion millerNgày trước

    12:54 ah my eyes they burn

  14. zombiezlord 2333

    zombiezlord 23332 ngày trước

    I want to punch her so bad the only trigger I got was the rage

  15. Marina Andreeva

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    Oh, so this is the difference between America and Russia..

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    Gibi in 4K is great!

  18. Dheeraj Y

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  19. Art is Life

    Art is Life2 ngày trước

    Im sorry but I hate all the questions I just want to know the triggers!!!!!!!

  20. Kameron Duff

    Kameron Duff2 ngày trước

    What do you mean common triggers for “certain people” you mean cuz I’m black

  21. CatastropheGames

    CatastropheGames2 ngày trước

    Not enough Lämp bröther 🦉

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    Jules Vuillemin2 ngày trước

    0:01 General Kenobi

  23. Gay Er

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    I almost fell asleep in my jeans

  24. MrFabCat

    MrFabCat3 ngày trước

    I fell asleep for 3 hours be this

  25. kinga zolkiewska

    kinga zolkiewska3 ngày trước

    please do more devilish trigers

  26. Ned Teal

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  27. Evilenae

    Evilenae3 ngày trước

    I love you and your videos they help me sleep 😛

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    surodeep dey3 ngày trước

    She is very beautiful. But inspite of sleeping, I became awake

  29. Addicted Gamer

    Addicted Gamer3 ngày trước

    I'm so tired 10/10

  30. Ed Sweet

    Ed Sweet3 ngày trước

    i have another trigger trump got elected

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    Ed Sweet3 ngày trước

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    Yevashen Pillay3 ngày trước

    Hey quick question.....what the fuck?

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    Yevashen Pillay3 ngày trước

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  34. Aura 6825

    Aura 68253 ngày trước

    So I was almost asleep and since I had my phone standing on its side upside down so I could see the video I had gone unaware and sleepy and it came down and hit me in the face. Time to watch even more same so I can sleep Thanks phone

  35. Lucas Torres

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  36. My name is Mr Evan

    My name is Mr Evan3 ngày trước

    5:43 that's some awesome heart beat

  37. Lols MSP

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  38. Thomas Larsen

    Thomas Larsen4 ngày trước

    I REALLY don´t get this ASMR!!! It is SO wired and SO annoying to see and listen to!!!! DAMN!!!

  39. ella williamson

    ella williamson4 ngày trước

    I LOVE YOU GIBI!!!! this video literally puts me to sleep in 0.12 seconds😂

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    you kinda look like Gabbie Hanna

  41. NightCabbage Cabby

    NightCabbage Cabby4 ngày trước

    Background is from Deus Ex Human Revoluition :)

  42. Kevin Straud

    Kevin Straud4 ngày trước

    “Have you ever gone without sleep for more that 24 hours?” Me: uh... no? “And how many times has that happened?” Me: um... none?

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    she kind of reminds me of rebecca black (if thats her name) the girl that sings that friday song. anyone or just me ??

  49. XxMilk_Da_CowxX

    XxMilk_Da_CowxX6 ngày trước

    Gibi: Can I come in? Me: N- *Gibi is already in da room* Gibi: Great!

  50. joey obyrne

    joey obyrne6 ngày trước

    Goes into Sleep Clinic: "Are you here for the sleep experiment?" Me: "Actually, I was just here for some coffee."