RED Hydrogen One Unboxing! (Houdini Edition)

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Your exclusive first look at RED's Hydrogen One Houdini Edition.
First Unveil/Impressions:
MKBHD Merch:
Video Gear I use:
Tech I'm using right now:
Intro Track: Choo Choo by Alltta
Phone provided by RED for video.

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  1. hideouse blob

    hideouse blob22 giờ trước

    The reason I got my hydrogen is red is not going to allow this thing to flop plus I really hate the planned obsolescence game that hits most phones ,I'm tired of buying phones and then a year later it obviously has been programmed to start failing on me and given that red is going to use this as a monitor for their cameras I don't see that happening

  2. Steve Roe

    Steve RoeNgày trước

    Under my rock I have never heard of RED

  3. glues4wood

    glues4wood6 ngày trước

    Aren't the pins for add-ons, I read they where going to be making modules for it

  4. Helioscope Pictures LLC

    Helioscope Pictures LLC7 ngày trước

    I want to see dailies and stills manipulated in post.

  5. James Baroi

    James Baroi10 ngày trước

    there is nothing special.

  6. how to play games

    how to play games11 ngày trước

    Bro it is have 16 GB ram and 1TB internal storage ?????

  7. Mohammed Arimiyao

    Mohammed Arimiyao14 ngày trước

    I hope the display does not hurt the eye like Nintendo 3DS

  8. mugensamurai

    mugensamurai15 ngày trước

    It's a morpher power coin.

  9. PSE_HunterOutdoorz

    PSE_HunterOutdoorz16 ngày trước

    How can people be so wowed by the freaking box! What a waste!


    VENOMVETTE16 ngày trước

    Can imagine if the attachment camera is as good as they say it will be. Would be a great phone for people starting out in you tube

  11. Christian John

    Christian John18 ngày trước

    Setup in true Oakley Fashion

  12. Terry

    Terry18 ngày trước

    Sure does look more like a tool than a novelty...

  13. mystyle200

    mystyle20018 ngày trước

    If someone threw you this phone youll definitely die its a very chunky phone

  14. Edward SB

    Edward SB18 ngày trước

    Should have been a 1” inch sensor with a Leica f .95 micro notctilux lense.......

  15. andrew

    andrew18 ngày trước

    I want Star Wars 1977 and an actual hologram.

  16. Hockeyfan20

    Hockeyfan2018 ngày trước

    The audience is limited and the price will keep the audience limited.

  17. MΛS

    MΛS18 ngày trước

    Looks outdated, is overhyped.

  18. Xenomorph

    Xenomorph18 ngày trước

    That's one ugly phone.

  19. Alex

    Alex18 ngày trước

    It's hard when you get all your red cameras etc for free and have to try and be impartial and 'real'. The phone sucks

  20. Bogdan Toma

    Bogdan Toma18 ngày trước

    Finally a phone that isn't a god damn wallpaper wannabe. A phone with a design, quite knterestimg design and futuristic...i am sick and tired of the shit from iphones and the rest trying to mimic that annoying clean, ultra clean, uktra ultra clean everything. I am byunngmamgadget for christ's sake, not a f-ing china vase that will break in second one i misplace it.

  21. Lucien Hughes

    Lucien Hughes19 ngày trước

    2:30 "Tumning your phone on and off" They clearly put a lot of effort into the quick start guide

  22. Jaspreet Singh

    Jaspreet Singh19 ngày trước

    they should work on affordable 4k Cinema camera .

  23. Joseph Bezuidenhout

    Joseph Bezuidenhout19 ngày trước

    Looks like a pricier Moto Z to me....

  24. Flam3Sm0k3

    Flam3Sm0k319 ngày trước

    Hope your finger heals soon! I wish this phone more closely resembled Red footage, mainly its color science...

  25. Smash Biker

    Smash Biker19 ngày trước

    Fucking nasty nigga

  26. Mr. Pro

    Mr. Pro20 ngày trước

    Why does he act so white

  27. chia pet

    chia pet20 ngày trước

    such an ugly phone.

  28. Ziegeri

    Ziegeri20 ngày trước

    Holographic... Did i travel back in time or something!? It is not 2008 right?

  29. Niximations

    Niximations20 ngày trước

    I like seeing a different style phone. The camera style makes me think of older cameras and I think it's cool. Makes me think of the super 8 movie

  30. Axel Edwards

    Axel Edwards20 ngày trước

    I’m surprised it came with a brick and a cable, that’s a lot for red.

  31. Fahad Vakarian

    Fahad Vakarian21 ngày trước

    That'd be a massive hit in 1987

  32. Name Name

    Name Name21 ngày trước

    Those ridges are so ugly

  33. Allan Nielsen

    Allan Nielsen21 ngày trước

    It's an awful phone. Simple as that.

  34. AbeSquared

    AbeSquared21 ngày trước

    Red should of made a red sensor Moto mod if they are going to rip off the back pin set up

  35. TGS Nemesis

    TGS Nemesis21 ngày trước

    Dude, can you please pronounce Houdini correctly.

  36. Mathieu Constant

    Mathieu Constant21 ngày trước

    It's like a Microwave company making TVs

  37. Anorkhil

    Anorkhil21 ngày trước

    you hyped the shit out of this phone, also last year and now everybody hates the " fake 3d " that hurts their eyes and so on. . . sup?

  38. Sergio Coelho

    Sergio Coelho21 ngày trước

    Que celular feio da porra véi!

  39. Michael W

    Michael W21 ngày trước


  40. ruds delosreyes

    ruds delosreyes21 ngày trước

    hahaha fail! so much hype for garbage

  41. Jus Badd

    Jus Badd22 ngày trước

    That phone is SO SHIT why would you put out SHIT, camera is shit,

  42. 5argeTech /\

    5argeTech /\22 ngày trước

    It does not have a "RED SENSOR"......... FAIL!

  43. Akmal Nimaladasa

    Akmal Nimaladasa22 ngày trước

    Quality of video production ='( =') so good

  44. Imtiaj Uddin

    Imtiaj Uddin22 ngày trước

    It is not Flop of the is flop of the decade

  45. Mayolatradez

    Mayolatradez22 ngày trước

    no earphones?

  46. miniair

    miniair22 ngày trước

    Houdini = who dini

  47. Mik Wri

    Mik Wri22 ngày trước

    $1500 bucks though... $1500.00 BUCKS for a product with a 2-3 year built in death...

  48. JΛMΛ

    JΛMΛ21 ngày trước

    +Mik Wri well I don't see any source on Google proving it has a built in death. Quit making up bs

  49. Mik Wri

    Mik Wri21 ngày trước

    +JΛMΛ Google...

  50. JΛMΛ

    JΛMΛ22 ngày trước

    Where did you get that from? Source?

  51. Ponas Kaktusas

    Ponas Kaktusas22 ngày trước

    Its pretty ugly tbh xd

  52. RED RUM

    RED RUM22 ngày trước

    They Houdini your money when you did a pre-order . Because any pre-order they don’t withdraw your money until they ship. This company withdraw your money 2 years ago . And they’re all about the package with some stupid paperweight and a box with in a box what the fuck. Can you get some cheap android specs from 2016 with a gimmick so-called 3-D mowed what a joke. You don’t look professional looks cheesy. I’m surprised they didn’t throw in if you call now you get a second one for free but wait for this limited time you will receive free shipping 🗑💩🤮

  53. RED RUM

    RED RUM22 ngày trước

    Would love to hear the camera specs