iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V

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  1. iKON Is Everything

    iKON Is Everything22 giờ trước

    Boom streaming pleaseee

  2. iKON Is Everything

    iKON Is Everything22 giờ trước

    Streaam peeps it's less than 60K views for 12M views

  3. Hey Juli

    Hey Juli23 giờ trước


  4. Chanwoo Jung

    Chanwoo Jung23 giờ trước

    *Lets Aim 20M before Januari end* 🙏

  5. Dayi RO

    Dayi RO23 giờ trước

    I'm Cuban American and I'm a proud Ikonic. Where my US Ikonics at?

  6. tdn

    tdn23 giờ trước

    Y‘all Ikon is so underrated it hurts...and I am not even in the fandom👀 I don‘t like just one group I love many incredible talented idol groups but damn...y‘all sleeping on talent!

  7. Charlotte Pagtud

    Charlotte Pagtud22 giờ trước

    Me too.. A lot of kpop stans are focusing only on their faves and they didn't realize that they're becoming deaf and forgot to appreciate other group's Good Music 💔

  8. Alexandra Michaela

    Alexandra MichaelaNgày trước

    Whose idea it was to make Jinan sit on that big ass chair??? THE SHADE

  9. taiwanrocks527

    taiwanrocks527Ngày trước

    The thumbnail is memeworthy material 👀

  10. Daiana Vargas

    Daiana VargasNgày trước

    10th day of iKON in trending Mexico, I am so proudddd♥️

  11. Joud Alsaht

    Joud AlsahtNgày trước

    Dongdong’s voice is so sweet tf

  12. Roan Bayhon

    Roan BayhonNgày trước

    hoy pota stream pa mga veh, lets hit 20m ano

  13. Charlotte Pagtud

    Charlotte PagtudNgày trước

    4, 661, 907 Subscribers wohooo go go go 5M 💪 For new Fans keep on Str*aming 😂

  14. Charlotte Pagtud

    Charlotte PagtudNgày trước

    11, 921, 921 Come On 12M!!! 🙆

  15. __Hanbin Stan__

    __Hanbin Stan__Ngày trước

    This song entered top 50 on Spotify in Indonesia and Malaysia few days ago . South Korean Charts When? 😥 I'm still Praying that their Homeland will remember, Appreciate and Notice their Existence. 💜 Godbless You iKON 💜

  16. Nas Nas

    Nas Nas23 giờ trước

    How to find the result of top 50 on spotify?

  17. O May

    O MayNgày trước

    love it

  18. Your Daddy

    Your DaddyNgày trước

    I hope iKON comes to variety shows more often to promote their group and their songs 🙏 They truly deserve more recognition and more views 😊

  19. IKONisKillingMe

    IKONisKillingMeNgày trước

    This is random. But today I just got my car. I'm realizing when ever iKON comes to America I can drive myself to it depending how far it is. I'm happy because I save up a lot cash too, I'm 19 now, and I've never been so happy. 😭👌🏽

  20. Louisa Y

    Louisa YNgày trước

    Watch this video: /watch?v=Oasj2T8klP8 This is heartbreaking. You guys have to know how to be a iKON member was hard. See here where they come from!

  21. Юрий М

    Юрий МNgày trước


  22. DoramasAsia

    DoramasAsiaNgày trước


  23. C H E R R Y B O M B

    C H E R R Y B O M BNgày trước

    Me fall in depression :c

  24. Heyra Harue

    Heyra HarueNgày trước

    I’m not ok because this too beautiful for my hear. Such a BOP, let’s cry together ;-; !

  25. Léa XXo

    Léa XXoNgày trước

    Since the beginning, I saw almost 50 times this M/V and i will continue because it's a real master piece, fighting!!!

  26. I'm Sagittarius

    I'm Sagittarius23 giờ trước

    Yaaas fam let's do this.

  27. Louisa Y

    Louisa YNgày trước

    Hi! You want to start standing iKON? Want to know how iKON is born and know more about each members?! >>>>>>> Watch WHO IS NEXT, MIX AND MATCH. It's 2 survivals shows before their beginning. Please watch, you will see how iKON members are hardworkers.

  28. Eliana Vargas Oros

    Eliana Vargas OrosNgày trước

    Like si estas leyendo los comentarios aunque no hay nada en español :v

  29. Sốc

    SốcNgày trước

    iKON very good. I like it. Link Dowload MP3&MP4: goo.gl/9VeK3j

  30. Eliana Vargas Oros

    Eliana Vargas OrosNgày trước

    Like si junhoe es perfecto :v

  31. Jesï Segovia

    Jesï SegoviaNgày trước

    Son muy buenos estos pibes. 👍

  32. Eliana Vargas Oros

    Eliana Vargas OrosNgày trước

    B.I el opacador :v

  33. aria

    ariaNgày trước

    I always thought i was the only one who felt the way i always feel--pathetic... This song taught me i was not the only one...that it's ok to not be ok..... that am not a freak, n there are people out there who r like me....

  34. Moba Lagen

    Moba LagenNgày trước


  35. Moba Lagen

    Moba LagenNgày trước

    I just dont get it why still 11M view hmmmmm

  36. Chani lioo

    Chani liooNgày trước

    Bobby in black suit is the definition of SEXINESS

  37. Bassma bts

    Bassma btsNgày trước

    I love yeu I💖💖💖💖 This is Perfect❤❤

  38. Kallo ????

    Kallo ????Ngày trước

    Excuse me , I am *not OK*

  39. Cub Choo

    Cub ChooNgày trước

    vitube.net/play-video-7IgNAxuP_HY.html why is iKON so dirty😭

  40. Ikram Dzkpoper

    Ikram DzkpoperNgày trước

    Who is the member who get kissed by fan 😂😂😂 ??

  41. fan BTS Điểm danh nào

    fan BTS Điểm danh nàoNgày trước

    Tuy không hiểu nhưng nghe rất xúc động

  42. ayu anjani

    ayu anjaniNgày trước


  43. ayu anjani

    ayu anjaniNgày trước

    Pray for you

  44. ayu anjani

    ayu anjaniNgày trước


  45. ayu anjani

    ayu anjaniNgày trước


  46. ayu anjani

    ayu anjaniNgày trước


  47. citra c

    citra cNgày trước


  48. ayu anjani

    ayu anjaniNgày trước


  49. ayu anjani

    ayu anjaniNgày trước


  50. ayu anjani

    ayu anjaniNgày trước


  51. Rln triya

    Rln triyaNgày trước

    Indonesia mana suaranya 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨 prabowosandi juaranya 👆👆👆

  52. JjJj idiot But Handsome

    JjJj idiot But HandsomeNgày trước

    I love you from Iraq♡ Don't forget me as a fan from Iraq...

  53. bkn hae

    bkn haeNgày trước