Hurricane Michael leaves neighborhood underwater

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New video out of Mexico Beach, Florida, shows a glimpse of the damage from Hurricane Michael.

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  1. Daniella Thomas

    Daniella Thomas10 giờ trước

    Man made weather

  2. melmiti

    melmiti13 giờ trước

    You laugh at Maria's in Puerto Rico... Now you know... Mr President... Now you know...

  3. meat6tick24

    meat6tick2417 giờ trước

    Fake news

  4. Ali Mohammond

    Ali Mohammond17 giờ trước

    insurance company all ready denying claims ,just like last time!

  5. Western V

    Western V17 giờ trước

    How can I trust cnn ever again

  6. Chris Ashcroft

    Chris Ashcroft17 giờ trước

    Those who choose to ride out the storm, despite numerous warnings, should be forced to pay cash for their rescue.

  7. The Faded

    The Faded18 giờ trước

    Alright no one gonna say anything about when they ask her what would you usually see here, she like,"beautiful houses, then beautiful (starts laughing)",like she queefed, pushed one out the back door, or it use to be ugly low key than the muthaphuka,?lol, in all seriousness though my prayers go out to the people, especially the elderly and kids!

  8. A Estrada

    A Estrada18 giờ trước

    They will rebuild until the next one comes, and then repeat. Yes it’s sad, but think a little where you build homes.

  9. Chai Michael

    Chai Michael19 giờ trước

    we need to hide from the hurricane in a safe place it's pretty dangerous

  10. allison chang

    allison chang19 giờ trước

    God help them. So sad..

  11. Emily Mast

    Emily Mast20 giờ trước

    PATRICA ! ! !

  12. Ebal licemerov

    Ebal licemerov21 giờ trước

    Russian hackers!! 100%

  13. Grubbs Tavern

    Grubbs Tavern23 giờ trước

    Nice to see ppl in the comments are woke as fuck about how shitty a president Obama was. ( gave us republican healthcare, took us from 2 wars to 7, bailed out the banks who caused the recession while millions lost homes, approved drilling in alaskan nature reserves, and allowed oil pipelines to leak through Indian lands) what a guy :)

  14. Grubbs Tavern

    Grubbs Tavern23 giờ trước

    CNN =" the only news we broadcast that isn't biased republican smearing with inaccurate or wrong facts are national disasters. We love to make money off of the nation's suffering." Seriously fuck them.

  15. It's Me Rhona

    It's Me Rhona23 giờ trước

    Prayers on You 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  16. Bo Randolph

    Bo Randolph23 giờ trước

    Everybody knows how Florida gets down with storms. So if u want to live there. Or retire there. You bring this upon yourself. Nuff said .

  17. Jon T

    Jon TNgày trước

    Keep being stupid America and rest of the world. Keep ignoring the 90% plus of scientists that keep telling us climate change is real. Go ahead and ignore the U.N. report telling us our governments have just over a decade left to take this issue seriously and take swift action. People ask me why I won't have anymore kids... This is big part of the reason why. I'll be grateful if I can get the 2 I have security for when the shit hits the fan even harder. We are the smartest species on earth yet, too stupid to take this seriously. Despite being warned about this shit well in advance. Shame on us all. Shame on our leaders.

  18. Room2Move

    Room2MoveNgày trước

    Geo-engineering is creating “climate change.”

  19. Allison Holly

    Allison HollyNgày trước

    The Bible predicts these catastrophic events will happen more often than ever in our history, but people in the comments think it’s “climate change” and that it can be reversed. You’re all in my prayers.

  20. Espero

    EsperoNgày trước

    Why live in Florida with all the hurricanes

  21. Curry Splash

    Curry SplashNgày trước


  22. Kyle Michael

    Kyle MichaelNgày trước

    that’s cool

  23. KallMe Kiki

    KallMe KikiNgày trước

    😢🙏👼 prayers for all affected by this unfortunate tragedy 💨🍃🌀

  24. Jason Ferguson

    Jason FergusonNgày trước

    Dear God. I only hope for the best. This is the most amazing footage I've ever seen

  25. Alexander quintero

    Alexander quinteroNgày trước

    Why so many hurricanes 😳😳😳😳😳😳

  26. Alexander quintero

    Alexander quinteroNgày trước

    Houses underwater 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 what ....

  27. Battlea

    BattleaNgày trước

    who names these hurricanes tho xD

  28. Nuka Cola

    Nuka ColaNgày trước

    Build next to the seaside, win seaside prizes. Idiots. When you rebuild on the beach maybe try waterproof paint....😏

  29. Keno Dude

    Keno DudeNgày trước

    Fuck Florida

  30. Dillon Littlefield

    Dillon LittlefieldNgày trước

    CNN sucks

  31. L'enfant Terrible

    L'enfant TerribleNgày trước

    Fake news. Like Puerto Rico, Florida is doing just fine. Let seer how many of you trumpsters would tolerate 11 month without power. Oh that's right, you people only care about the mainland not American citizens in Puerto Rico right.

  32. Adnan A

    Adnan ANgày trước

    155 is faster than my car goes

  33. 883388

    883388Ngày trước

    More cancer from the communist news network

  34. Agent Ajax

    Agent AjaxNgày trước

    Let me guess it's Trumps fault again?This is a fake ass hurricane, CNN is a piss shed of a news organization I wouldn't take a shit there.

  35. Sownheard

    SownheardNgày trước

    Free swimming pool 🏊

  36. 5150dolimite

    5150dolimiteNgày trước

    Why is this Communist News Network still on the air? Why is their feed showing up on my page? The only CNN is covering the storm is to thrive of the tears of people in crisis and blame it on our president.

  37. john smith

    john smithNgày trước

    CNN still sucks.

  38. Jared martinez

    Jared martinezNgày trước

    Meh as long as everyone is alive the insurance will handle it.

  39. ChloeWade

    ChloeWadeNgày trước


  40. PhantomHRT.

    PhantomHRT.Ngày trước

    Such sad news. But we have the resolve. All we need is 1 Mad Lad Man, 1 Boat and 1 Massive Role of Flex Tape.

  41. BasicBitch

    BasicBitchNgày trước

    I feel bad for all the animals who died during this the ones that were locked up in cages 😪

  42. michelle thomas

    michelle thomasNgày trước

    God giveth God taketh away

  43. Cyberbob

    CyberbobNgày trước

    CNN can't be trusted even for weather reports.

  44. Andallah Elansary

    Andallah ElansaryNgày trước

    prayers from western sahara .

  45. Blessed Mrs V

    Blessed Mrs VNgày trước

    Sending prayers 🙏

  46. hiroya777100

    hiroya777100Ngày trước

    better live in tall Bilding higher floor should avoid heavy rain flooding even tsunami

  47. Cruz Dominguez

    Cruz DominguezNgày trước

    I don't believe Certainly No News fake lies! CNN SUCKS!

  48. Jan Kesil

    Jan KesilNgày trước

    well she didn't sound like she needs help at all

  49. Sleepless In The Carolinas

    Sleepless In The Carolinas2 ngày trước

    I once drove through a water-covered road in an unfamiliar area because it did not appear dangerous. By the time I realized the depth, it was too late. 😱 It was one of the most terrifying moments in my life. Thank God, I made it to the other side!

  50. Icanifiwant

    Icanifiwant2 ngày trước

    You don't like floods you don't like hurricanes you don't like crocodiles in your backyard pool it'll be underwater soon anyhow get the fuck out of Florida....