Hurricane Michael becomes Category 1 storm as it heads toward Georgia

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Hurricane Michael lashed across Florida's Panhandle Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane. As it heads toward Georgia, it has been downgraded to a Category 1. Mark DeMaria, chief of technology and science at the National Hurricane Center, joined CBSN to provide the latest details on Michael.

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  1. Trey Tucker

    Trey Tucker13 giờ trước

    Hurricane Michael Jackson

  2. nubz0rzyou

    nubz0rzyou15 giờ trước

    Another one

  3. Kevin Orghidan

    Kevin Orghidan17 giờ trước

    It will hit the Portugal and Spain (Europe) , in a couple hours.

  4. Adrastos

    Adrastos18 giờ trước

    Guys help I’m in New York pls pray for me Nothings wrong and I don’t have any family there it’s just kinda cold

  5. Adrastos

    Adrastos18 giờ trước

    This video was uploaded October 10th... it’s the 14th.

  6. Bassknots

    BassknotsNgày trước

    Nothing to do with very fast moving rockets or space things or whatever

  7. Beauties On Earth

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  8. jagpit show

    jagpit showNgày trước

    Prayers are with everyone affected by this storm and those that lost there life with this storm

  9. thefunnyman589

    thefunnyman589Ngày trước

    That is scary. Just got hit by Harvey last year(I live in Tx). I couldn’t imagine getting hit by another. Took nearly a year to get my home back together. Sincere prayers to those affected

  10. Crashtest Clay

    Crashtest ClayNgày trước

    Hi!! what's your name?


    I HAVE A POTATO YOLONgày trước


  12. Lisa Van Allen

    Lisa Van AllenNgày trước

    By the way Michael died in 1973 on August 16. Elvis died four years later on his date spooky Michael said to me when we were little he was coming back with a punch I will know it

  13. Lisa Van Allen

    Lisa Van AllenNgày trước

    My cousin Michael died when he was nine had his birthday on his funeral at ten years old so I know its my cousin doing this

  14. Andrew

    AndrewNgày trước

    Goes back to eating Nothing here to worry Bout......

  15. Isaiah Cochran

    Isaiah CochranNgày trước

    Were dead

  16. Strange Shop Girl

    Strange Shop GirlNgày trước

    Wow... My town only got some rain and wind...

  17. Bryan Medina

    Bryan MedinaNgày trước

    Damn, we might need a lot of Flex Tape to fix the damages.

  18. M Pat

    M PatNgày trước

    College students are the only people that wish for a hurricane so classes are cancelled. Lol

  19. Babyface6200

    Babyface6200Ngày trước

    Hurricane Michael Myers

  20. Aiden Hernandez

    Aiden HernandezNgày trước

    Wtf can hurricanes stop hitting Florida and hit like the east coast lil near pa???.

  21. Justin Y

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  22. Justin Y

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  23. Justin Y

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  24. XXNeøn GoldXX

    XXNeøn GoldXXNgày trước

    0:08 pet a sloth

  25. Hope McCleantown

    Hope McCleantownNgày trước

    I think mother nature is giving us payback for seceding from the union. 😂

  26. Lil Cheesestick

    Lil CheesestickNgày trước

    It really be like that sometimes

  27. Dani Morrow

    Dani MorrowNgày trước

    *Michael went balls deep into the U. S.*

  28. Mariah Pettus

    Mariah PettusNgày trước

    Oh nah damn it maryland we need to prepare

  29. Sparkle Face

    Sparkle FaceNgày trước

    It's cuz of warming waters. Climate change made this a lot more stronger that it could have been. C mon people, it's not something fake your literally putting your own lives at risk because of ignorance.

  30. Tickle me Softly

    Tickle me SoftlyNgày trước

    Seems pretty obvious that the weather is changing

  31. kanna-chan

    kanna-chanNgày trước

    Mr.Hurricane got to hyper

  32. Dramati C

    Dramati CNgày trước

    Category 1 is nothing we still had to go to school in Florida and I’m okay

  33. Truuu

    TruuuNgày trước

    Literally just two days ago it got super cold here and now there's a hurricane ready to pass straight through where I live, Georgia's weather is going to suck alot more real soon.

  34. Melito T

    Melito T2 ngày trước

    How do the majority (don't have empirical evidence yet) of these tropical storms continue to turn into category 4/5 hurricanes? Is it global warming?

  35. tuannam

    tuannam2 ngày trước

    Superstorm "monster" Michael attacked Florida

  36. Matt Acijoe

    Matt Acijoe2 ngày trước

    This is gods punishment for fortnite

  37. HamHamtrash

    HamHamtrash2 ngày trước

    Good luck with that

  38. HamHamtrash

    HamHamtrash2 ngày trước


  39. Zack Soyer

    Zack Soyer2 ngày trước

    Why is it that almost every hurricane is called the strongest that America has ever encountered???

  40. Lady Lamb

    Lady Lamb2 ngày trước

    Well damn jackie i cant control the weather

  41. NatureRecycleFlorida

    NatureRecycleFlorida2 ngày trước

    i was in Blountstown Filming it was strong there

  42. TheFabulousEthan

    TheFabulousEthan2 ngày trước

    Hurricane Michael Myers

  43. Jimin Lifue

    Jimin Lifue2 ngày trước

    Florida is having so many hurricanes feel so bad.

  44. Jo Marie Stiles

    Jo Marie Stiles2 ngày trước

    Wish I could help Florida

  45. Shanta Pirtle

    Shanta Pirtle2 ngày trước

    It felt great all day yesterday in Jackson Tennessee. Today it's cold ah and cloudy a little sprinkles. That's just Jackson though 😂 most bipolar weather ever

  46. BwayneDeluxe

    BwayneDeluxe2 ngày trước

    He remind me of one my college professors!

  47. Superstar Island boy Hunt

    Superstar Island boy Hunt2 ngày trước

    i can't wait until hurricane season is over! sending thoughts and prayers to all those affected. This is the one season i do not like living on an island.

  48. Grand Fry

    Grand Fry2 ngày trước

    That's a lot of damage!

  49. Lobert_Lin

    Lobert_Lin2 ngày trước

    Hopefully Michael would survive through this hurricane

  50. G 1

    G 12 ngày trước

    Most of my family lives in North Carolina 😥