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It looks like if I’m going to want to tackle this resin trend, I’m going to need to invest in some new craft tools. It’s definitely a specialized craft that will require a few new things. Here’s what I’m considering.
Resin - Shocker! You need some resin to make a resin craft. There are different types for different applications, so if you start a project, make sure you get the right stuff!
Heat Gun or Butane Torch - They help get rid of bubbles. I also saw one tutorial that used a lamp placed directly over the project so that it was getting some heat from the light bulb.
Dremel Multi Tool - I saw the Dremel multi tool used for a couple of different purposes. It was used to sand and polish the resin to get that glossy shine. It was also used as a drill in some of the jewelry tutorials I found so that the chain could be added to the pendant.
Packing Tape - I was surprised to see packing tape included in many of the smaller scale projects that I found. It helps to keep your piece from moving around and stops the resin from pouring out of the bottom/sides of your project.
Straws - This is another odd ball thing to use, but many of the tutorials called for using a straw to blow out the bubbles that might be in the project.

0:59 Chop some wood
1:48 Beautiful pendant
4:01 2018 Celebration
6:32 Clay candle coaster
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