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Summer season is the ultimate time to fill up your organism with vitamines and other useful substances. But first let's find out how to cut the fruits quickly and correctly.
If you forgot a knife for your picnic and don't know how to cut a watermelon, don't worry. Just take a thread or even better - a dental floss and cut the pulp from the down side first and later divide it into several equal slices as many as you need in a vertical movements.
Great way to debone cherries especially if you will feed them to an infant is following. Take a glass bottle with a narrow neck, put a cherry on top one by one and then press on it with a wooden stick. Chopsticks will work just as good.
Simply genius and incredibly easy way to peel off kiwis - cut a kiwi in half, take a mixer whisk, insert it right in the kiwi and turn around. You’ll get 4 neat slices without any traces of kiwi peel, which is notorious for the tongue irritation.
Here’s how to cut a pomegranate in the best way possible. Cut out an upper part of the pomegranate’s skin in a circle or a pentagon. Take it out and then you’ll see the lines where you need to cut in order to take off the seeds properly.
This video is all about the watermelon! My favorite summer treat. It's so beneficial for our kidneys and liver. In a nutshell, watermelon is the best detox berry possible! And we had so much fun shooting these hacks, I can't wait for you to see it! And of course try them out at your open air summer parties! ; )
If you're into exotic stuff, you're definitely gonna like this one. I call it ' Colamelon '. Take 2 bottles of Coca-Cola, take off the lid and cut out 2 holes in the watermelon in the form of these lids. Now take out these slices and put Coke bottles upside down, so that the liquid poured down into a pulp. Cut as usual. Your Colamelon is ready to be eaten!
The most fun hack of all is watermelon bomb. I bet you only saw such explosions in action movies! Now you can do it yourself! All you need is a big watermelon, 230 rubber bands and your BFF. Dress up the watermelon in the rubber bands together with your friend. Be careful after 210th round it may expload unexpectedly! ; )

0:16 Cola watermelon
0:58 Watermelon cake
1:52 Big bang
3:27 How to cut a pineapple
6:06 Flat champagne?
8:28 Genius way to peel off potatoes
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    If your children do not like fruit, then the idea at 5:35 will help them love it! After all, such figurines will definitely cause them interest and appetite ;) Do you like fruits? Which one did you eat today?

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